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Andis Hair Dryer - The benefits of buying an Andis hair dryer

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Andis is an American company that manufactures a number of products to help you take better care of your hair; one of these products is the Andis hair dryer. Unlike a number of companies that have made continual attempts to diversify and expand the products and services they offer, even when it would be better to maintain a closer focus to the essential aspects of the company, Andis has chosen a different path. Rather than abandoning their initial roots in hair care, they have continued to make some of the finest quality hair dryers available in the United States in the factory close to where they originally began to roll out their initial hair care appliances. This article will discuss some of the numerous benefits of investing in an Andis hair dryer instead of in one of the many types of hair dryers offered by a variety of different manufacturers.

One of the benefits of buying an Andis hair dryer is that they have a long standing reputation as a manufacturer of hair dryers that are capable of being mounted on walls. Wall mounted hair dryers have become harder and harder to find in recent years due to a growing consensus among hair dryer manufacturers that their customers are no longer interested in hair dryers that can be mounted on wall spaces. However, if you are one of the many people who does not like the way your hair dryer takes up so much valuable space on your vanity or dressing area, you may be just the right type of person for an Andis hair dryer. When an appliance is wall mounted, it will not take up nearly as much space on your vanity or dresser, and a wall mounted Andis hair dryer is a great way to reclaim valuable vanity or dresser real estate.

Another one of the benefits of buying an Andis hair dryer is that they are built to last. The Hang Up series of Andis hair dryers are designed to be wall mounted for long periods of time, and as a result, they have wall mountings that are constructed out of reinforced metal. Furthermore, many of the latest Andis hair dryers come with ionic technology. A hair dryer with ionic technology is one that is designed to produce a large number of negative ions, or negatively charged electric particles. These particles play a crucial role in reducing the time needed to dry your hair, and are also likely to help you improve both the condition and the look of your hair.

Another one of the benefits of buying an Andis hair dryer is that they use some of the latest technologies available in hair drying. As mentioned earlier, Andis hair dryers include ionic technology, but they also include ceramic and tourmaline technology. An example of a well designed Andis hair dyer is the Tourmaline Ionic Nano Andis Ceramic Hair Dryer. This hair dryer is supplied with an AC motor that is large and powerful enough to provide a warm drying wind to quickly dry your hair. This particular Andis hair dryer also comes with four settings for heat levels, allowing you to choose exactly how much heat you want to output toward your hair. There are also four settings for speed, which means you do not have to operate your hair dryer at a maximum speed whenever you turn it on. Furthermore, the hair dryer comes with multiple attachments, including a concentrator, a pick, and a ceramic diffuser.

Perhaps the final benefits of buying an Andis hair dryer is that they come with reliable and long lasting warranties. The average hair dryer on the market today comes with less than three months of warranty protection, which means that once you pass about ninety days of ownership, if anything bad happens to your hair dryer, you will be out of luck and will not have any recourse to repair it without spending money. However, with an Andis hair dryer, it is standard to expect at least a full year’s warranty, which means you will have an extensive level of protection backing up your purchase. It is for these reasons that you should buy an Andis hair dryer.

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over 2 years ago

I think that only andis is not best hair dryer , it also other hair dryer can be best and fit for curly hair. aslike I read a review from http://efashiontoday.com/best-hair-dryers-2014-review/