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Laser Treatment Hair Removal - Depilatory Laser Treatment: hair removal that is quick and easy

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By the mid 1970’s several labs and hospitals were experimenting with a new method of depilation. Unwanted hair was subjected to laser treatment; hair removal resulted. The first treatment wasn’t actually carried out by laser at all, rather by Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with the use of xenon bulbs. The principle has remained the same.

Targeting the Hair
Lasers used in hair removal only work on dark hair – brown or black – due to the selective absorption of photos, light particles. The optimal combination is dark hair upon light skin. The laser causes the hair to heat and transfers that heat to the follicle hopefully causing the death of the follicle, eliminating hair growth.

Light hair, such as blonde or red hair, is not affected by the laser. Neither is vellus hair – that peach fuzz we all have. Also, hair grows in three cycles, anagen, telogen and catagen, and the laser can only affect hair in the anagen or growing cycle. This is why it is necessary to schedule several visits over the course of some months, to get all the hair in a region during its anagen cycle.

Comparison with Other Methods
When compared with other popular methods of hair removal laser treatments are both effective and popular. For example, electrolysis, a practice that has been used over 135 years, is equally effective but is considerably more expensive and takes much longer. It does remain the only treatment for individuals with light colored hair, though.

Waxing, which simply pulls the hair out from the root, is a constant and repetitive expense. Many women find the process painful as well. Shaving often results in razor bumps and must be done several times a week if the goal is hair free skin at all times.

What does an appointment look like?
Before the first session the client is evaluated and any extenuating circumstances determined. If the client is a good candidate the first session is scheduled and the client is encouraged to avoid any hair removal techniques barring shaving for several days before they come in. Photos are taken for comparison purposes. Shaving preserves the follicle and hair shaft insuring a successful treatment.

If a large area is to be treated an anti-inflammatory may be recommended prior to the appointment. Topical creams or cooling sprays may be applied. In the office both the client and the technician wear special glasses to protect their eyes from the lasers and the area is treated. Ice is typically applied for a few minutes after the treatment is completed. Patients say that the laser pulses feel similar to a snapping rubber band.

How long does it take?
Because hair grows in cycles, there are only a certain number of follicles active at one time. That means that for truly effective hair removal several sessions, 3-8 typically, are scheduled about 8-12 weeks apart. While coarser, darker hair is most easily treated it also tends to take more sessions than finer dark hair. Additionally, while laser hair removal is considered “permanent” the truth is that frequently the hair will grow back over the following years, requiring touch ups and maintenance.

What to look for in a practitioner
There are always potential complications with laser treatment; hair removal is no different. Skin irritation and pigment changes are the most common – using a licensed and properly trained practitioner will minimize such risks.

Many states require that a medical doctor – an actual MD – supervise and monitor the treatment. Ask about the credentials and training of any technicians which will be working on you. Finally, don’t commit to anything until all your questions have been answered to your satisfaction.

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almost 3 years ago

Hi. My name is Ash and I have a question. After getting my session of laser
on my face, by accident, a part of my beard has come off. If I continue
getting more sessions but avoid getting that specific part done, will I grow
back hair and if yes, then how much time it will take. Suggestion will be
highly appreciative. Thanks