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Hair Removal Nj - Painless Hair Removal - Hair Removal nj

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There are several different ways to remove hair, ranging from shaving to using a laser. With so many options, one can spend a significant amount of time and money to find one that works the best. Hair removal nj creams are depilatory creams that act as a painless, quick, short term hair removal solution. It lasts longer than shaving, is less painful than waxing and is less costly than laser treatment.

What is Hair Removal nj?

Hair removal nj creams removes hair at or above the skin and are also known as depilatory agents. These creams contain mildly caustic chemicals such as calcium thioglycolat and sodium that dissolve or weaken hair follicles that allow for easy removal.

Why Use Hair Removal nj?

While hair removal nj creams removes the same layer of hair that razors do, there is no risk of cuts or nicks. It also does not leave stubble, since it allows closer skin contact than a razor does. Also the results tend to last longer than shaving, lasting approximately 4-5 days after use. It is also painless and easy to clean. If used properly, hair removal nj creams leave skin feeling smooth for several days. Waxing is often very painful and can leave welts on the skin and the sticky-like residue can be difficult to remove. Laser treatment may be the answer for long term hair removal but it is often costly, time-consuming and still somewhat painful. Hair removal nj creams are easy to find and relatively inexpensive in comparison.

How Does Hair Removal nj Work?

Basically, hair removal nj creams have chemical components that weaken or dissolve the hair follicles at the top of the skin, allowing for easy removal of any residue with a warm wet towel. The chemicals can access parts of the hair follicles closer to the skin than razors, which is why when using hair removal nj creams, there is no stubble.

How to Get the Best Results

The most important thing to note about using hair removal nj creams is to carefully follow the directions. It is also a suggested that one test out the product on a small area of the forearm to see if there is a reaction, such as discoloration or a rash. Another thing to note is that hair removal nj creams should never be used to remove facial hair. The chemicals in depilatory creams are usually too harsh to use on such sensitive skin areas. The areas that hair removal nj creams most commonly used are the arms and legs. Please refer to the instructions on the box or other areas of the body that the cream should not be used for. Another word of advice is to remember that hair removal nj creams act as a chemical treatment and should not be applied in the same areas of where topical medications, such as acne medications, are being used.

Hair removal nj creams tend to work best when hair follicles are loose. This can be achieved after a hot shower, where the steam and hot water causes the pores to open up. It would be ideal to apply hair removal nj cream in a shower where one can comfortable sit, since one must rinse off the excess cream to clean the pores. Start by liberally dabbing on the cream in one area, such as the forearm. It is important to remember to not rub in the cream. Hair removal nj creams are meant to work on or near the top most layer of the skin. Rubbing in the cream will cause it to sink into the pores causing skin irritation or a rash. Typically, hair removal nj creams work within 5 – 8 minutes but it is best to follow the time directions on the box. If left on the skin for too long, the skin can break out into a rash and can even lead to scarring. One way to reduce the chance of skin irritation is to purchase a hair removal nj cream that has mineral oil in it, which can protect the skin from the caustic chemicals in the cream. One should wait at least 2- 3 hours before applying other chemical products, such as make-up or lotion.

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