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Gn Netcom Wireless Headset - Which GN Netcom wireless headset is right for you?

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Wireless headset technology has become more popular among small businesses and consumers today than at any other time in the history of the technology. One of the most popular brands of wireless headsets is the GN Netcom brand. GN Netcom is a corporation that has gained large amounts of popularity in recent years for its numerous quality headset products. These products are known for being of a very high quality and a long lasting durability, and can be found in a number of different homes, offices, and companies where there is a need for communication through headset technology. GN Netcom also has a history of producing headsets for computers with a variety of models to suit different needs and applications. Through GN Netcom, it is possible to purchase brand new headsets that meet your requirements for both form and function, as well as the highest levels of customer satisfaction. This guide will discuss some of the latest headsets available by GN Netcom to help you determine which GN Netcom wireless headset is the right one for your small business.

One of the best GN Netcom wireless headsets available is the GN Netcom 2110. The GN Netcom 2110 includes ATL technology, which is patented technology used by GN Netcom headsets to reduce intrusive reverberations of sound in your listening environment. As a result, your conversations through the headset come through with greater quality and fidelity on both sides of a conference call. Furthermore, the GN Netcom 2110 also includes a swing away boom that conveniently moves out of the way when you do not need it. This enhances productivity and is also more comfortable for extended use. The GN Netcom 2110 also comes with a microphone that has noise cancellation features. Noise cancellation technology is designed to reduce the levels of background noise while the headset is in use. As a result, people listening on the other end of the call do not hear nearly as much background disturbance while in the middle of a call, which can be very beneficial for the professional image a small business is trying to develop. For comfort, the GN Netcom 2110 also includes a leatherette ear cushion that is not just partially sized, as is the case with so many wireless headsets on the market today, but full sized, meaning your entire ear can be encased in plush leatherette comfort for the duration of your call.

Another one of the best GN Netcom wireless headsets available is the closely related GN Netcom 2125. It is similar to the GN Netcom 2110 in that it includes the latest revolutionary ATL technology for reduction of disruptive sound vibrations, as well as the ergonomic swing away boom. And like the GN Netcom 2110, the GN Netcom 2125 also includes a comfortable leatherette cushion to shield your ears from fatigue during long business calls. The advantages of the GN Netcom 2125 in comparison to the GN Netcom 2110 are in its slightly higher sound quality during conversations, which may be worth the added cost if you plan to use the headsets extensively in business settings.

Perhaps the most impressive yet easily affordable GN Netcom wireless headset is the GN 2010. This headset was designed to take advantage of true wide band sound. Wide band sound refers to the headset having a greater than normal sonic range, which means conversations sound more dynamic and lifelike. The human ear can detect and process frequencies all the way from 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz, yet the majority of headsets on the market cover only a fraction of that frequency range, which lends the majority of headsets on the market that characteristically flat and lifeless sound when they are used in conversations. However, a wireless headset with wide band sound can cover a significantly greater frequency range, such as from 150 to 6800 hertz, which means your conversations will be reproduced with greater fidelity, clarity, and dynamic range. The GN 2010 also includes thicker ear cushions that also have the capability to pivot around the unique contours of your ears to provide you with even greater levels of comfort. These upgrades are reflected in the increased price tag of the GN 2010.

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