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Pioneer Elite Plasma Tv - Viewing in Style with a Pioneer Elite Plasma TV

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If you’re into home entertainment, then you are more than likely familiar with the popular Japanese brand Pioneer. Pioneer has been building electronics since the late 1930s, originally specializing in radio and speaker technology before moving on to develop all manner of consumer electronics. Though Pioneer is well-known for the general quality of its products, there is a division of the company that is truly pushing the envelope toward home entertainment superiority. As with most things, superiority is not for everyone. Just as clubs have the VIP room and sports stadiums have the box seats, Pioneer has its custom Elite Series.

The Pioneer Elite Series of electronics, most notably the Pioneer Elite Plasma TVs and Plasma Elite computer monitors, make up a specialized line of products that are aimed at the true home entertainment connoisseur. Elite Plasma TVs are highly-focused, state-of-the-art models, featuring the deepest contrasts between infinity-level blacks and blinding, brilliant colors. This is achieved through use of Pioneer’s groundbreaking KURO® Displays, which dramatically increase the color gamut and deepen the black levels of the on-screen image by up to five times that of other flat-screen televisions.

From the early stages of research and development, Pioneer was focused on applying one word to their Elite Plasma TVs: Performance. Pioneer wanted to create the ultimate high-definition experience for the ultimate high-definition enthusiast. The development and advancement of the KURO® monitors has allowed for true 1080 / 24 fps, the highest screen resolution currently developed. This allows the viewer to take in every detail, shade and tone with sight-level clarity.

The only element missing from the total Elite television experience is awe-inspiring sound to match the breathtaking images on screen. But Pioneer has this covered as well, equipping each Elite display with a state-of-the-art surround sound speaker system. The continued use of KURO® technology in the system allows for the quietest whisper to whirl about the room while thunderous explosions threaten to shake it to its foundation. Pioneer even offers home theater design assistance to maximize your viewing enjoyment with proper room lighting, picture settings and speaker placement.

All of this prestige is not without sacrifice however, as the Pioneer Elite Plasma TVs are priced between two and three times as much as standard plasma competitors. The highest end model, the 60” Pro-151FD, carries a retail price tag of $6,500. Still, the Elite Series bears its name for a reason. Pioneer in no way intends the average football fan to want or need such a high-end television for their rec room. Rather, they intend the Pioneer Elites for the fan determined to see the expression on the rival quarterback’s face as he’s sacked, while simultaneously hearing the impact of the blow. These televisions are elite instruments for elite viewing. Through the synergy of high-definition sound and high-definition picture, the Pioneer Elite Plasma TV line is specifically designed to both turn heads and drop jaws.

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