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Canon Multipass Printer - Why Do More Office Managers Choose The Canon Multipass Printer ?

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One of the most popular choices for office managers these days is the Canon multipass printer. Since budgets are tightening, being able to obtain a quality device that is able to multi-task saves quite a bit towards the bottom line. With the added ability to function as a photo printer, copier, and scanner, this product can take the place of three other pieces of equipment that would need supplies, maintenance, and storage space. By eliminating two of this trio, not only does the business save a good deal of cash, but it also contributes significantly to the “green movement” that seems to be so prevalent these days.

Of course, this technology wouldn’t be so impressive if it didn’t carry the Canon brand name. Using the internal makeup of some of the other popular models in their line, engineers were able to fit most of the best features into a compact design that produces the very best in visual output. The one of a kind Think Tank system helps to lower printing costs by a wide margin when compared to the old method of doing things. By coupling an intuitive management system with the individual ink wells, this company has been able to maintain quality, while still reducing the cost of printing. In addition, the feeder is capable of handling 35 sheets of paper at one time. It can very easily take care of faxing, copying, or scanning even large documents.

A very good example of this type of technology is the Canon MP 730 MultiPass printer. It uses the very best parts of the i850 printer and LiDE 30 scanner to form one efficient apparatus. Although primarily designed for small office use, this versatile machine can produce a significant amount of documents in a short time. This includes speeds of 22 pages per minute (ppm) with black ink, and 14 ppm using color. With the single-pass method, a scanner can quickly upload documents; even ones of great resolution (up to 1200 × 2400 optical). With an impressive 48 bit color output, even the most hard to please customers will be impressed. There is also a built-in color fax that can be used to send off these pages using the proprietary Super G3 technology patented by this enterprise. Up to 250 pages can be stored in memory for use at the present or later as needed.

The Canon multipass printer probably does its best work with the original intent it was designed for. Using the firm’s exclusive Easy-PhotoPrint software, this machine can produce hard copies directly from memory cards, or digital storage devices. The output doesn’t even require a PC connection to produce photos, postcards, or letter stock in 4 by 6 inch, 5 by 7 inch, and 8.5 by 11 inch borderless prints. These are photo quality pictures at a remarkable 4800 × 1200 dpi resolution. In addition, the parent company covers the machine fully with an Instant Exchange program for a full year after purchase.

This printer is the perfect solution for the small office that makes up the bulk of American business. Since the budget for printing is significantly less than even that for a mid-sized company, saving on anything in this area is warranted. The Canon multipass printer is able to meet the needs of any firm of this size by offering the kind of printing speed and technology that will help to eliminate many other redundant devices formerly needed at this location.

Another great reason for a small business to consider this printer as their newest addition is the amount of attention and positive customer reviews that have been received since its introduction.
A few excerpts show that consumers gave it an overall rating of 95, with print quality rated very good for text and graphics, and outstanding for photos. The overall speed was noted to be very good as well, while black and white scan copy rating came in also at this level.

A printer of this type offers a lot of value for the money. With the year guarantee offered by Canon, the multipass makes sense for any small business wanting to cut its budget while still maintain the same level of document quality as in the past.

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