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Canon Rebel Lens - The canon rebel lens is an industry standard.

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The canon rebel lens is an industry standard. Most photographers of note rely on a certain style of taking pictures, and that includes using the proper equipment to capture those special images. The camera itself can have the best features, but without the proper lens to focus the snapshot, it is virtually worthless. These devices work by providing the proper focal length for the desired object. This representation is transferred through the clear ground glass unto a temporary media type, then to storage if it is deemed acceptable. Although most of this technology has been significantly upgraded over the years, the camera lens has stood the test of time without significant alteration.

As with most of this equipment, the canon rebel lens has been designed for use by the average consumer. In the past, it was necessary for a photographer to manually dial the lens settings for perfect clarity of the target. Modern electrical advancements — such as the autofocus lenses used on digital cameras, make this chore a thing of the past. “Point and shoot” has now become the motto for shutterbugs in search of their quarry. This makes it easier to capture a photo, since there is no time wasted for set up of the equipment.

A typical camera from Canon is the EOS Digital Rebel XTi. This model comes with an EF-S18-55mm f3.5-5.6 USM Standard zoom lens, which was created for not only this model, but also the EOS 20D SLR unit as well. It features an APS-C size image circle that is the equivalent to a focal length of about 28 – 90 mm. Although compact and extremely light in mass, it nonetheless performs many of the same tasks of larger and more expensive units. With the proprietary coating on the exterior, ghost images and flare are almost non-existent, which is extremely important to the digital sensor. The lens itself is also able to focus in on an object to a distance of only 0.9 feet (0.28 meters) away.

The Rebel XTi model is able to accommodate every one of the canon rebel lens types in the EF line. This in itself is quite a feat, since the array includes a wide variety of choices; such as the ultra wide angle and super telephoto products. Also represented is the EF-S series, which was specially designed for the APS-C sized digital sensor that is becoming a big part of this manufacturer’s technological advancements. The innovative engineers at this company have made significant advancements in the performance and precision of the newer styles. With the ability to use advanced microscopy, designers have been able to build exceptional performance into these relatively low-tech devices. The L-series for example, has aspherical optics along with fluorite elements, which create the perfect method for capturing an image for eternity. When combined with the image stabilizer technology that is built-in, the common effect of a camera shake is greatly minimized.

The digital Rebel is a great unit to evaluate because there are many features created by Canon to be universal, and this model is one of the cameras that will adapt to a great deal of them. The EF-S lens that is mountable on this little gem has the advantage of a small back focus distance. That is what the “S” indicates in the EF-S series. It is the distance measurement from the point on the last lens that is farthest from the film or sensor. Because the sensor is smaller in this camera, the mirror can be as well, which in turn means that a shorter back focus distance can also be applied too. This is important for consumers, because it means that there are more accessories able to fit on their camera.

A canon rebel lens is one of the most versatile units available on the market. With a variable focal length of 18 – 55 mm, this device can help users to capture the perfect image with no wasted effort. By being able to get within 0.9 feet of the target with clarity also makes a close up shot easily obtainable. These quality products are available online or at reputable photography studios. They should be a part of any serious picture taker’s equipment.

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