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Car Rental New Jersey - A Guide to Exotic Car Rental in New Jersey

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While many of us dream of driving that untouchable car, most never consider how to make it happen. That’s unfortunate because the answer is rather simple: exotic car rental. It’s hardly as expensive as you’d imagine, and those living in metro areas like New Jersey, have access to almost any car they could possibly desire. Of course, as in anything we do for the first time, there are pitfalls, so we’ve outlined these tips to help you avoid them.

1. Focus on legitimate, reputable businesses.

Traditional car rental is a business with a razor thin profit margin, which generally makes it unattractive to the frauds. On the other hand, exotic and luxury car rental in New Jersey is a lucrative business. If you opt for a less known outlet, investigate them by calling the Better Business Bureau. Avoid establishments with significant complaint records.

2. Avoid agencies on or near the Newark airport.

There are quite a few exotic car rental agencies in New Jersey right at the Newark airport. Even large rental outfits like Avis have a luxury division there. Keep in mind that there is an airport premium, and with so many off-airport options, any potential convenience is not worth that added expense.

3. Get at least three quotes.

Exotic car rental rates rely on a number of factors, most of which, outside of the airport premium, have little to do with location. You’re likely to get a wide range of quotes in a small area. In addition, while one outfit may have the best rate for a Lamborghini Murciélago, the agency next door could have the top rates for Ferrari 360 Spiders. If after receiving three quotes you are still not confident of the going rate, get some more.

4. Tell them your age.

You have to be 21 years old to rent a car, and there will usually be additional fees if you are below a certain age mark, generally 25. When seeking quotes, make sure to specify your age, and determine that fee. It’s substantial. A 21-year old will incur fees that are several hundred dollars higher than what a 31-year old would pay.

5. Reserve the exotic car rental as early as possible.

If you walk into a New Jersey rental agency and rent a car today, supply and demand will dictate your rate. However, if you reserved that car a week or more ago, you would have been able to lock the rental in at the base rate. With exotic car rentals, this can be the difference of several hundred dollars per day so it is vital that you book the car as far in advance as is possible.

6. Note the credit card authorization amount.

When purchasing a traditional rental, the agency puts an authorization debit onto the credit card. The amount is around $200, and the authorization essentially freezes that amount until you return the car. An exotic car rental works much the same way except that the authorization amounts are much higher. When getting quotes, determine what that amount is, and be aware of how much credit will be unavailable to you for the rental period.

7. Read the contract. Look for hidden fees and taxes.

We should all be in the habit of reading the contracts that we sign, but of course, it doesn’t always work that way in real life. When we rent a car from Hertz, we assume the contract is legit, and that the law will protect us if it’s not. Do not make this assumption with smaller exotic rental agencies because this is where they slip in those hidden fees. The law will do nothing for you if you’ve agreed to pay a $250 servicing fee.

8. Speak to your insurance agent.

Generally, we advise to forgo rental agency insurance unless there is no alternative. Most drivers have personal insurance policies that cover them for rentals. However, this is a far more complex scenario when dealing with a $300,000 car. Speak to your insurance agent, and seek their advice. While your policy may cover the rental, it may make sense to have additional insurance, which you can likely get cheaper through your agent.

9. Bring a camera, and do an inspection.

As a rule, whenever you rent a vehicle you shot note all defects using a camera, and have the rental agency representative sign off on them. When we are dealing with a car that we cannot afford, it magnifies the importance of this step, and failure to take it puts you at great of financial risk.

10. Say no to prepaid gas.

Gas is never included, and you are always obligated to return the car to the agency with the same amount with which it left. Of course, the agency will be happy to refill the tank for you, but if you think gas is expensive at the pumps, just wait until you see how much it is at an exotic car rental agency in New Jersey. Fill up before you bring it back.

The last thing you want to do is make a spontaneous exotic car rental in New Jersey. That is a recipe for disaster. Instead, if you take your time and do the research, you can have a great and affordable experience that will provide memories for a lifetime.

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