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Car Rental Newark - A Newark Car Rental Is An Economical Way To Explore This City

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What is the biggest reason people choose to visit the Newark area of New Jersey?

Could it be because the area has so much to do for families and couples? Or is it the proximity to one of the bigger airports of the United States that creates the city’s appeal?

Whatever it may be, the majority of visitors and travelers to the city are going to need a Newark car rental to get around.

After obtaining a vehicle, where might these people cruise along the streets of Newark to visit with their set of rented wheels?

For starters, there is the Weequahic Park Golf Course. Not just an ordinary run-of-the mill-course, Weequahic Park offers a day of good times for both youngsters and adults as its narrow layout forces players to hit the ball in a straight accurate direction.

The Newark Museum has been given the honor of the perfect place to spend a family day. Featuring art and science collections, more than eighty different galleries that contain a variety of paintings, American sculpture and other artwork, and items of African-American and American Indian descent, the museum also has a mini-zoo for those who love animals.

The New Jersey Performing Arts Center features a list of entertainment shows that are suitable for anyone who’s a dramatic arts aficionado. The Center has put on productions of everything from Broadway shows to ensembles meant just for kids. And, many even remember the past days of Elvis when he performed in this very arena.

All kinds of restaurants dot the landscape of Newark. If a visitor is in the mood for sushi, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, seafood, barbecue, pubs and taverns, or simply a cold dessert, this part of New Jersey has it.

The Mediterranean Manor offers a widespread menu of Portuguese delicacies. Customers return for many reasons, the food being only one of them. The ambiance, service, decorations, and prices come together to make for a fun dining experience.

Page’s Restaurant is a favorite of the locals and is fervently recommended by them as a place for visitors to try. A buffet, a menu full of comfort foods and drinks, and live music to complement the atmosphere all combine to make this a restaurant where many return.

Where does one seek out a Newark car rental in order to get to these activity-filled places?

Rent Express New Jersey

Accepting international driver’s licenses as part of their rental trade, Rent Express New Jersey also offers its customers big discount rates especially for those who will be renting for more than a week.

Economy, compact, mid-size and full-size, premium cars such as the Ford Crown Victoria, minivans, cargo vans and conversion vans, 15-passenger vehicles, and both standard and full size Sport Utility Vehicles are all available at this car rental in Newark.

And for those who either have bad credit or no credit at all, Rent Express New Jersey will still take them on as customers since a credit card is not required to make a rental contract.

Newark Airport Car Rental

Sometimes a traveler is coming into the city of Newark for a quick business meeting or a simple overnight stay, but still needs a mode of transportation to seamlessly take care of his Newark agenda. After flying into the city the last thing a tired traveler wants to do is endure the hassle of standing in a long line of other weary flyers at the Newark car rental counter.

Newark Airport Car Rental caters to this specific group of people with its website of convenience. All an interested customer needs to do is conduct a search based on certain parameters such as the size of the car needed, the length of time for the rental, the pick-up and drop-off locations for the car, and the age of the driver.

When all of the requested information has been plugged in, a customer is able to use the “Search” option to find the vehicle that best suits their needs, and can then reserve it right then and there and say good-bye to airport lines.

Whether it is a business stay or an overnight excursion, the city of Newark has a rental car for everyone.

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