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Casio Exilim Cameras - Among shutterbugs who know these things, casio exilim cameras are rated a cut above

series perfect digital features

Among shutterbugs who know these things, casio exilim cameras are rated a cut above. This is primarily due to the quality that goes into each unit, by one of the premier makers of electronic devices in the world. Known long for their small gizmos such as radios and handheld television sets, this company has set a standard of quality in the digital age as well. As analog technology was being phased out, enterprising engineers at this firm made the switch to the newer method, retaining the already large customer base established in years past.

The exilim line by Casio includes the H-series, S-series, and Z-series. All of these superior units contain a slightly different makeup of quality features that are perfect for taking photographs under differing conditions. It doesn’t really matter which one of these products is purchased, they all provide a nice output — either as a hard copy printout, or to be featured on the Internet. The only difference is in the number of items that are contained within the unit itself. Consumers can take a look at the different models on the main webpage. There, the different lines can be researched further to develop proper guidelines to use as a buying guide.

One particular model of interest is the Casio EX-S200. It boasts a whole host of new technology that is sure to please any avid picture taker. With the 14.1 megapixel resolution and 27 mm wide-angle lens, photographers can capture that perfect mood shot with ease. These photos can be quickly evaluated using the 2.7 inch super clear LCD screen. Unlike traditional cameras, there is no wasted film, as images that aren’t perfect can be deleted quite easily in favor of something else. There are also special components for nighttime as well. Two features: auto optimum night scene, and auto optimum lighting, make the process of securing that print after dark a piece of cake for even an inexperienced user. Some other great items of note include an auto shutter, face detection, landscape effect and make-up mode. Since a great variety of these depictions are of the portrait variety, it makes great sense to include this kind of technology into the camera. With the addition of a 1G SD memory card it can take approximately 103 shots in fine mode, and 199 in the normal mode.

These casio exilim cameras can be used to record video as well. Although not as perfect as a digital recorder might render a movie, these small units are capable of capturing live feeds in avi or jpeg format; with sound capacity as well. The output is a wav format, perfect for playing in the Windows media player widely available on most computers. With a maximum recording time of 29 minutes (or more than 7 minutes with HD) using a 1G SD memory card, this small device is really able to carry its own weight as a multi-media standard.

The bundle accessories included with most casio exilim cameras include a rechargeable lithium ion battery, a lithium ion battery charger, A/C power cord, USB cable, CD-ROM with instructions, and A/V cable. The battery is capable of taking 270 pictures maximum before needing to be swapped out for a fresh one. It can also power the camera for a total of almost 4 hours playing still images, or almost 5 hours for recording voice data.

Perhaps the most impressive statistic regarding this line of Casio digital cameras is the impressive size that all of the features were packed into. At 100.1 mm x 55.3 mm x 17.8 mm (4 in by 2.1 in by ¾ in), and weighing in at 132 g (less than 5 oz), this series will easily slip into a shirt pocket, or small purse, providing easy access for those spontaneous snapshots.

The Casio exilim series is a great value in a digital camera. Packed with a whole host of nice features, it can be used at almost any time of day. With the built-in adjustment for darker periods, there is no need to have extra lighting available. Being small and portable makes it ideal for travel. It may become the one and only camera on those long road trips.

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