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Cd Cases Storage - Products you can use as your cd Cases Storage items

cds discs plastic styles

Most people today own some type of media cds they either purchased or made themselves. These discs are not impervious to being damaged if not properly stored and cared for. There are several different types of cd cases used for storage. There are the small individual cases for the disc itself and the larger units made to hold the individual cases. The cd cases storage products are available in styles resembling small pieces of luggage. This case will come in different sizes to hold a different number of cds. They are also used to hold DVDs and have top lids with convenient carry handles.

In the category of large cd cases you will find these products usually constructed from a type of hard plastic made to resemble aluminum. This durable material provides protection for the discs that are held inside the case. The lid of the cd case will come with secure locking latch mechanisms to prevent the product from opening and spilling your collection of cds. The various styles of these case products will be slightly different in appearance. Some resemble a trunk and have the side sections colored in a silver finish to resemble a metal frame. Some styles are made covered completely in a silver finish to make the case appear as if it was entirely made of metal.

A variation on the styles made to resemble metal cases is the transparent case. This storage cd case has the sides created of a clear acrylic type of material attached by an aluminum frame. This allows you to see the items you have stored inside your case at a glance. Some cases will come with dividers as part of the interior construction so you can compartmentalize your discs. The various storage cases for cds can hold anywhere from 60 to 720 discs depending on the size of the product. The prices will vary according to the materials used and the size the case comes in.

Before placing your treasured cds or DVDs inside the large protective case, you want to use a small case or sleeve to protect them from scratches. These smaller products are available in a few different styles as well. The most common case is the hard plastic style that is square in shape. This item comes with a front and back cover connected by a hinge. The front cover is transparent or clear so you can easily read the label on your disc. These cases snap closed so the hard plastic protects the entire disc from any potential damage that could occur.

A variation on this design is the new round flexible case. These are also created from plastic, but have a more pliable surface area. The round shape is better formed to fit each disc, but may be difficult to fit inside most types of storage cases or racks made for cds. The round style also snaps shut for protection and is easy to open. However, this style is not made in a clear plastic, so it may be more difficult to read a disc label through the cover.

When browsing the various cases to carry cds in you will see some soft side styles. These are made as travel cases and are constructed from a fabric material that usually has a zipper closure. The inside of this type of case usually includes plastic sleeves to place you discs into. These cases are available in smaller sizes than the large storage products and are usually designed to hold less than thirty cds. This style is often used as a car case for cds because the discs are easy to access by pulling them out of their sleeves. The fabric cover does not provide the kind of protection you would get with a hard side case so there is some potential for the discs to become damaged if the case is dropped or stepped on.

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