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Cd Storage Drawer - Save Time by Using CD Storage Drawers

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Keeping CDs organized can make retrieving them much easier. Fortunately, products are available that do just that, from decorative furniture to functional cases that have CD storage drawers that help people organize their CDs, whether they are music, photos, or computer software. Some home entertainment systems come with CD storage drawers, too, making it convenient to find CDs to play.

All commercially produced CDs come with printing on the spine of the CD and when the CDs are organized and put into a drawer with the spine facing up, finding the discs in the CD storage drawer is much easier. When searching for software when working, people save a lot of time when the CDs they use are organized alphabetically or by type. Sometimes children like to play computer games or use instructional CDs, and being able to find the CD fast keeps their interest in the activity alive.

CD storage units can be freestanding units, they can sit on top of a desk, or fit on a shelf. They come in all kinds of materials, from solid wood to plastic. The plastic units are lighter and easy to transport or move. Some of the CD storage drawers are made from pressed wood and use laminates to finish the outside. Prices vary based on the material used. Some people even commission woodworkers to create furniture based on their own requirements for CD storage drawers.

When organizing a collection of CDs to put in CD storage drawers, it helps to arrange them by topic or artist, in the case of music CDs. When people back up their photos or music on CDs, writing on the CD itself identifies what is on the disc, eliminating all guesswork.

Since the cases for the CDs made at home or in the office are not labeled, finding a specific CD can be a challenge. People can overcome this by color-coding the CDs they burn themselves. If the jewel cases have room on the spine, she can print out a one line title of the contents of the CD on adhesive paper and remove the backing to permanently affix the label of the CD to the case.

When using plastic sleeves to store CDs, keeping the drawers half filled will help the user flip through the drawer to find the specific CD that she wants. Many times the plastic sleeves come in different colors, so deciding on a color-coding scheme will help sort through the unlabeled sleeves. Keeping the sleeves in separate CD storage drawers by content also makes retrieval easier. One drawer could be for photos, another for file backups, and another for videos.

CD storage drawers help people keep all their CDs in one place, and it is worth devoting a little time to cleaning up the collection of CDs one has, calculating how much CD storage is needed, and shopping around for it online or in retail stores. A few hours of effort could end future searches for the right CD and put an end to disarray in the CD collection.

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