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Cell Phone Europe - Tips for using a cell phone in Europe

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It can be very handy to have a mobile phone or a cell phone while you are traveling in Europe. In particular, it can be extremely efficient to have the capability to receive driving instructions from your hotel as you leave an airport, or being able to let your friends and family know that you were delayed by your train but that you should arrive in the next station soon. Similarly, it can be a great comfort for your loved ones or travel partners to know they have a way to reach you no matter the hour, even if you happen to be thousands of miles away from home.

Of course, a cell phone is not for everybody. Many people decide they are not worth the hassle of maintaining or the cost of purchasing. Similarly, if you are going on a brief trip to Europe, or if you plan to visit a number of different countries and regions within a short span of time, or if you simply just want to go on a vacation without having people constantly calling you about things you’d rather not think about at work, it is easy to get by in Europe by buying phone cards along the span of your trip. However, if you are interested in having the convenience of being able to place and receive calls from anywhere in the continent, you may be interested in some kind of Europe cell phone or mobile phone in Europe.

As an introduction, the default network for cell phones in Europe, and many other parts of the world, is the GSM network. There are some cell phone companies in the United States, such as AT & T and T Mobile, that use the GSM technology that is found in Europe. However, many of the cell phone carriers in the United States, such as Sprint and Verizon, use a network called CDMA that is incompatible with the GSM network used in most of Europe. Inside the GSM Europe cell phone network there are different bands that different regions may use to carry cell phone signals. In the United States, two bands are used, while two other bands are used in most of Europe. There are certain Europe cell phones known as tri band or quad band GSM phones; these phones can use both of the bands in the United States as well as both of the bands in Europe. These phones, as a result, are well suited for use both at home and abroad.

The information regarding a GSM phone, whether a United States cell phone with GSM capabilities or a Europe cell phone, includes your account information and the number of the phone itself. This information is located on a chip the size of a fingernail that can be removed from the back of the phone where it fits into; the chip is called a SIM card, and a phone with SIM capabilities requires a SIM card to function. These phones are known as locked phones, because there is electronic technology inside the phone that makes it impossible for you to switch cards, meaning you will have to keep using your original cell phone service provider.

However, it is usually not too difficult to remove this lock from your Europe cell phone; this is called unlocking a cell phone, and this way, you can replace your original SIM card with a SIM card from any other cell phone provider. This is particularly handy for travelers and globe trotters, as having an unlocked phone means you can use your cell phone in a number of different countries without issue, as it is possible to buy a new SIM card in each country you visit. Switching out a SIM card may sound like a difficult process, but it is actually not very difficult. All you need to do to remove a SIM card and replace it with a different one is to remove the battery of the phone itself, pull out the chip, which will usually be located underneath the battery, and put in the new card you have purchased. If you remember these simple tips, you can take your Europe cell phone anywhere with you.

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