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Cell Phone Service Deals - How to Find Great Cell Phone Service Deals

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Most cell phone users purchase service plans that include hundreds of minutes, text messages, and extensive data plans. Unfortunately, these plans can also cost up to one-hundred dollars or more each month, leaving many users feeling like they are overpaying for service. Fortunately, budget-savvy cell phone users are able to find great cell phone service deals when simply taking the time to follow a few simple tips.

The first thing to remember when looking for cell phone service deals, is that their are a large number of providers, service plans, and options available. Just because a service provider is popular in a user’s area, does not mean that they offer the lowest prices or great deals. This is why it is important to shop around before choosing a service provider.

When shopping around for cell phone service deals, consumers should first make a list of companies that provide cell phone service in their area. These service providers many include AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Alltel, and Nextel. However, there are also a number of lesser known service providers that consumers should also take the time to consider. These providers include DigiTel, Helio, Edge Wireless, SoutherLINC, Virgin Mobile, Qwest, and SureWest. While these smaller service providers may not cover as many areas as the major providers, they often offer very affordable pricing options for those in the areas that they do cover, making them an option that is worth looking into.

Once a consumer has made a list of possible providers, he or she should then decide exactly what they are looking for in a phone service. This includes how much coverage the consumer may need, how many minutes, their text messaging habits, whether they require the internet on their phone, and the phones that each provider offers. Cell phone users that do a great deal of traveling may need to choose a provider that offers great coverage across the United States. Other users that prefer to text message, rather than talk on the phone, may need a plan that offers unlimited texting, with few talk time minutes. It is important to choose a plan that only provides the consumer with what she or he is going to use. Otherwise, the user is wasting money on an excess amount of minutes or other features that are simply going to waste.

Once the cell phone user’s needs have been determined, he or she should then compare service plans from a number of different companies. To do this, a shopper may simply visit each provider’s website and compare prices. Additionally, there are many different websites that will allow users to quickly compare the prices of different company’s services. These websites, including MobileBurn and MyRatePlan, are a great resource for those that are interested in finding the lowest prices, as quickly as possible.

Cell phone users that have been using the same service provider for a decent length of time may also be eligible to receive great cell phone service deals. Most companies do not want to lose their customers and are willing to make adjustments in their prices and service in order to keep their existing customers. Therefore, long time customers should take the time to contact their cell service phone provider and inquire whether there is anything that they can do to lower the cost of their service. The customer should be careful to explain that while they are happy with the service, it is simply too expensive and they may have to switch if nothing can be done. Many customers will be pleasantly surprised to see that their company may be willing to lower their monthly price, in order to keep their business.

If a consumer is still in search of cell phone service deals after comparing a variety of different companies and service plans, he or she may want to considered purchasing a prepaid plan. Consumers are now able to purchase cell phones and service plans on a pay-as-you-go basis. These prepaid plans allow users to only pay for the minutes they use and reload their accounts as often or sporadically as they need. Some examples of pre-paid service providers are Alltel Wireless U, AT&T GoPhone, Boost Mobile, Liberty Wireless, and Criket Communications. Therefore, while it may take additional effort to find affordable cell phone service deals, it is possible when carefully exploring and considering all of the available service options.

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