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Cheap Cd Players - A Buyers Quick Guide to Cheap CD Players

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The CD player is a slice of the technology pie which is slowly growing old. Due to the advent of all sorts of new technology which has enhanced and upgraded the audio experience, the pedestal of the top notch CD player as a priceless technological god has begun to crumble. In its place, millions of cheap CD players are springing up and grabbing their share of the market. Cheap CD players can play back your audio with perfect clarity and quality but may not have some of the frills that a more expensive model will give you. There is no point in spending a fortune on an expensive CD player when you can get a sturdy, clever little model for much cheaper. Here are some of the better cheap CD players that we have found to be good quality.

Tesco Value BB-060
One of the cheapest models available, this cheap CD player can take a lot of abuse. Built to last in a crowded household, this Tesco has great sound quality for its price and is compact and easy to move around. Although it doesn’t have many fancy functions, it does a great job at playing music and should give you years of satisfaction.
On the downside, the CD lid can be fragile and the power cord tends to be a little too short. Suggested retail price is an unbelievable $14.99.

Bryston BCD 1
With great sounding audio and enough features and settings to please the strictest perfectionist, if you like loud music this Bryston BCD is for you. Bryston, generally known as a manufacturer of amplifiers, tried its hand at making cheap CD players and did a great job. When coupled with the right speakers this monster machine can make your eardrums dance and sing.
The Bryston BCD is featured in two colors, silver and black, and comes with a remote that has a sturdy feel to it. Although the display is a bit small, if you are not visually impaired it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Suggested retail price is $39.99.

Bush LSD33SIL Desktop Micro System
The Bush LSD is a sleek looking music unit suited best for wall mounting. Audio playback is great and, although the system itself looks and feels a bit cheap, it is light weight and easy to use with enough basic features to keep the average user happy. It comes with a remote and enough volume for a good sized party. The eject system faces upwards so don’t buy this if you need to put it on a shelf. Suggested retail price is $46.99.

Acoustic Solutions SP 122
A minimalistic design with a simple control panel and nondescript buttons makes these cheap CD players from Acoustic Solutions a perfect addition to any modern household. This SP is able to play both re-writable and MP3 CDs as well as regular ones and can easily hold its own in the sound department. Some would say the remote is too small but it is easy to use and fits in with the minimalistic feel of the device. As far as cheap CD players go, this SP is excellent at doing the job it was designed for. Suggested retail price is $49.99.

Technics SL-PG 490
Sturdily constructed to not only look pretty in the living room but to last, this Technics CD player knows how to give you your money’s worth. The sound, although flat at times, is usually crisp and detailed, and the headphone socket comes with a volume control.
Although the remote control feels a bit cheap, as far as cheap CD players go this Technics has a lot of features and does an excellent job for its considerably low price of $86.99.

Teac CD P1160D
This Teac is a high fidelity home audio system that features an LCD display and a music calendar. Although a little less cheap than the previous models, audio quality is close to perfect and even the headphone jack is gold plated for optimal sound conduction. Coming with a remote control and all the basic functions, the Teac is one of the best quality yet still cheap CD players you will find on today’s market. Suggested retail price is $89.99.

When buying cheap CD players, the most important thing is the sound. Makers of cheap CD players often trade expensive looks for better sound quality so if great sound is what you are after, one of the above models may be right for you!

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