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Color Fax Machine - Tips for purchasing a color fax machine

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The color fax machine has become more popular than ever in recent years due to price drops from the major fax machine manufacturers, such as Epson, Hewlett Packard, and Canon, which have enabled people who would previously have never considered purchasing such machines to bring them home without breaking their budgets. A fax machine can be incredibly useful in small business and home office settings, as there are often situations where businesses and official organizations require documents sent to them rapidly but will not accept email or digital copies of such documents. In these cases, it can take days to send files through the mail, but a color fax machine can enable a high quality copy of a document to be sent from one part of the country to the other in the amount of time necessary to place a phone call and print the document out of the receptive color fax machine.

As a result, more people are finding themselves in the market for a good and reliable color fax machine to meet their personal and professional needs. However, to make the best purchasing decision, a potential buyer will need to consider a number of factors, including the quality of prints produced by the color fax machine, the efficiency of the machine, its operating speed and reliability, and of course, the price of the machine itself. It can be overwhelming to sort through the wide variety of machines available today, but with some simple tips in mind, you can dramatically increase your chances of finding the right color fax machine for your needs without spending more money than you absolutely have to.

Perhaps the most important factor to keep in mind when purchasing a color fax machine is how user friendly it is. The simpler and better designed the functions of any machine are, the less time it will take to learn to use the machine. This applies particularly well with fax machines, which are often designed with more features than necessary and more steps than needed to access those features. Look for a machine that is intuitive and reassuring in its design; this will avoid any unnecessary confusion in the future.

Another important factor to keep in mind when purchasing a color fax machine is the amount of shade and color definition it offers. You will want a fax machine capable of printing in at least sixty four shades of gray, as well as dozens of bits in color printing. Keep in mind that a color fax machine will be more expensive than a monochrome fax machine, but if you need the ability to print faxes in color, it will be worth it.

Similarly, when purchasing a color fax machine you should think about the image quality you are looking for. Typically, the more expensive the fax machine, the more options you will have for the levels of image quality you can print out. Some of the best fax machines will have the ability to print faxes in several different image qualities simultaneously.

Additionally, you should keep in mind the paper storage capacity you might need. The larger the paper storage tray, the more pages you will be able to print out before you have to interrupt your work flow to refill the tray. A larger tray will also make you less likely to run out of paper in the middle of a fax job, and will allow you to store incoming documents if you are attending to some other task in your office.

A related consideration to paper storage capacity that you should keep in mind when selecting a color fax machine is the memory capacity of the machine itself. The more data you send or receive, the more memory the fax machine will need to contain to store the files and pictures. Ideally, you should have at least 5 megabytes of memory for a good color fax machine; it is better to have 10 megabytes or more. More memory will mean your fax machine will store the extra incoming information, even if you do not have any paper left in the machine at that point in time. More memory will also result in faster print jobs.

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