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Color Laser Fax - The New Integrated Design of the Color Laser Fax Machine

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There are some older office machines that have become obsolete in today’s computerized world. Although some of these machines are no longer available as separate products you will find them incorporated into the design of new and more efficient machines. This is the case with the fax machine. The old machine that was created as a separate item you needed to attach to your telephone system has been remodeled to fit the design of a printer. When looking for a machine that can send a color laser fax you will find it in the new multi-functional printer machines.

These new printers are often referred to as all-in-one machines because they have a variety of functions. A typical unit will be able to make copies, scan documents, print pages and send faxes. The machines are available in many different brand names including HP, Brother and Samsung. The machines will use a type of ink cartridge to print the necessary information onto a page of paper. The type of cartridge used will depend on the particular brand and model of machine you purchase. Some multi-functional units are made as ink jet printers, while others are laser printers.

For the color fax laser printer cartridges you may need to purchase separate cartridges for use with color or black and white printing. The laser cartridges are generally more expensive than the ink jet style, but laser printers can usually print at a faster speed and have more image clarity in their printing. One laser jet model from HP can print color pages at a speed of 12 pages a minute. It is designed to work with both a PC or Mac computer and connects through the usb port. The advantage to the all-in-one unit is the ability to scan an image and fax it directly to an outside party.

These machines are popular for use in the office and have full networking capabilities. Sending a fax is still the quickest way to get a specific type of document to a different location in a very short period of time. This is often done for legal documents and contracts that people need to read and sign. The color fax laser machine will also print out any color images that are sent through to your location. This can also be an important feature to have when sending images or photos through a fax medium.

The laser fax color printers can be found at most stores that carry electronics and computers. The features you may want to look at are the printing speed and color resolution. You also want a machine that will work with the type of computers you or your business uses. Another added feature you may consider is whether or not the machine is energy star certified. Most computer devices today are made to be green compliant to help conserve energy during use. The sizes for these machines will also vary with some units be quite large, so another consideration is going to be where it will be placed.

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