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Color Network Printers - Up until a short while ago, color network printers were a luxury afforded by only the largest of firms

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Up until a short while ago, color network printers were a luxury afforded by only the largest of firms. This was due primarily to the cost of these units, as well as the price of paper and ink to supply them properly. However, as technology has continued to make advancements, items such as this are now more affordable, because more manufacturers are producing quality models. In turn, the competition has help to lower the market value, while not significantly affecting the excellence of the product. The ramifications are far reaching, and directly impact small businesses everywhere. With more reasonable pricing, and many different options to pick from, these machines can be integrated almost seamlessly into the office budget.

The best place to start for any office manager looking to research a printer for his/her firm is the Internet. With the wide range of websites offering this type of document finisher, a list of the most desirable features can be constructed for comparison against the allotted budget. In this way, the best of both worlds can be accomplished. It is also far easier to begin the process from the comfort of a computer chair, as most of the work can be accomplished in less than a day. There are many web addresses that offer a substantial variety of the top brands. Some even cater to the information seeker looking to check out the different models in the same place. Even ordering can be done right at the online store, with a secure shopping cart making the purchase easier than ever.

Another great advantage of not running from place to place is the chance for a discount on closeout or clearance merchandise. While it is great to actually see and touch the physical model in a store, having to waste time and energy by visiting a half dozen shops can be draining.

In order to begin evaluating color network printers, it is wise to see what is currently used in the office. If one brand name is functioning properly without too many complaints, a good idea might be to start here first. A company with a long history of making these types of machines is Canon. They carry a great many units that will fit this category, including the Pixma MX870. It has a number of features that are conducive to creating great output for a company in need of document printing. The integrated scroll wheel and large 2.5 inch LCD screen make it easy for users to navigate the menus and select the proper job. Its laser technology means printouts of exceptional clarity – good news for a small business trying to remain in the black.

HP (or Hewlett Packard) is another enterprise that has produced color network printers for a considerable length of time. Their product line includes personal and business inkjets, color laser jets, large format printers, and photo printers. Each of these machines was designed for a specific purpose on the network and can be easily integrated into the system by an administrator. For one person, or a group that has a very small requirement for color output, a personal deskjet is the ideal choice. It has a low price point with the capability to use a great variety of media, including promotional materials. For a firm with higher demands for color printing, the business inkjet color has the same advantages as the personal deskjet, but costs far less per printed page. A laserjet is the best solution for large companies due to the higher demand. It produces quality color and monochrome output, resulting on savings for both of these items. A large format model will be needed for those companies with significant document printing requirements. It is based on the number of pages, connectivity to the network, as well as scanning and copying needs. Finally, photo printers can be used for specialty purposes — such as marketing and customer communications. It can get the message across more effectively than a standard color brochure.

There are a great many color network printers to choose from. With so many readily available both online and at most major office supply chains, office managers are sure to find the right model to fit their printing requirements.

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