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Columbus Bank And Trust - Columbus Bank And Trust Is On Top Of Its Banking Game

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What characteristics make up the ideal banking experience?

Ease of accessing funds, fast response to customer inquiries, and low interest rates on services such as taking out a mortgage or college financing are some of the aspects the general public looks out for when choosing the bank that best fits their financial demands.

As many complaints as customers have about the current banking system, Columbus Bank And Trust doesn’t usually fall into the pot of criticism.

A division of Synovus Bank, the Columbus Bank And Trust company has the customer’s satisfaction as its number one priority. In other words, it’s not about how many accounts they can obtain or how much is in those accounts – rather, Columbus Bank And Trust feels it’s a privilege to work with its customers, and provides its services accordingly.

A broad range of benefits are available through Columbus Bank And Trust. Not only does this bank present its customers with the ability to open and maintain ordinary checking and savings accounts, there are also money markets and loans assistance for those who may need it.

Partnering with both Synovus Securities and Synovus Mortgage enables the Columbus Bank And Trust company to also take care of real estate needs for its customers who are looking to buy a home.

A customer’s overall safety and security when it comes to banking is on top of the concerns list for this organization. Keeping this focus in mind, the executives of Columbus Bank And Trust have therefore implemented several measures to protect their account holders from identity theft and other forms of securities fraud.

For those who take care of their financial transactions online, Columbus Bank And Trust has everything from firewalls to virus protection software to ensure the confidentiality of its customers. In addition, the website offers security in the application procedure as well as constant monitoring of the site for fraudulent intrusions or any other type of illegal activity.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is also present on the Columbus Bank And Trust website. Secure Socket Layer is a type of internet encryption, designed to protect sensitive customer information and make it theft-proof to the hackers in the world of cyberspace. This method works with the bank’s network and the customer’s browser, by assigning a special key created by Columbus Bank And Trust. This assigned key gives access only to the customer to look at their data, and makes the information useless to anyone else who might try to break into the system.

There’s also a safety device in place called “strong authentication,” which works by going beyond the general username and password, and requiring additional forms of authentication to verify one’s identity.

Strong authentication techniques apply to both the consumer and commercial client of Columbus Bank And Trust.

Business customers typically perform advanced activities online, such as wire transfers. Because this kind of transaction normally involves large dollar amounts traveling from one place to another, Columbus Bank And Trust permits its users to ask for a security token for more protection. A security token is given by the bank to the business customer, who must then always have it on hand anytime the account is to be accessed online. Failure to have the security token will create an account login failure as well, which is a big step to preventing financial fraud.

Though the non-business consumer isn’t able to take advantage of security token technology, there are still other procedures in place to protect the identity of this customer.

For starters, the Columbus Bank And Trust customer will not only sign up for a username and password, but will be required to choose a security question for further account protection.

Next, the account holder will be asked at random to answer their security question in order to verify their identity and that the account indeed belongs to them.

Third, Columbus Bank And Trust will lock up anyone’s account who has had several unsuccessful login attempts in a row, and a customer must then call the bank to have the account unlocked again.

With all these protective factors in place, it is no wonder that Columbus Bank And Trust is on top of its banking game!

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