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Consumer Report Cars - Why the Annual Consumer Report Cars Publication is So Well Respected

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Automotive insiders rely upon the top Consumer Report cars list for reliable annual look at the best new automobiles on the market. Regardless of whether you are shopping for an environmentally friendly hybrid that offers terrific gas mileage or a sports utility vehicle that you can rely on to keep you and your family safe, Consumer Report cars is one of the first places you should look when you are considering purchasing a new automobile. The safety and reliable tests provided by Consumer Reports has lead to countless product changes that have made the roads of the United States far safer since the magazine was first published in 1936. Here is an inside look at what makes the annual Consumer Reports cars list considered a must read for everyone who has an investment in the automobile industry.

The Consumer Report cars list is contained in the annual magazine’s new car issue, which hits bookstores and newsstands every April. This issue of the magazine is one of the most important annual publications for businesses and individuals who work in the automotive industry, especially those who are effected by new car sales. The Consumer Report cars list has a dramatic effect on the popular opinion of the latest cars on the road and has an enormous impact on the spending decisions of millions of new car shoppers.

The key to success and popularity of the Consumer Report cars list is the emphasis that Consumer Reports magazine places on objectivity. Unlike nearly all mainstream magazines that are still in print, Consumer Reports magazine goes to great lengths to maintain a completely unbiased, impartial image by refusing to print any third party advertisements in its publications. The Consumer Report cars list is published by the non-profit organization Consumer Union, which insists that all of the automobiles that are used during the testing process are purchased for full retail price from an automotive lot. This ensures that manufactures are unable to submit an automobile that performs slightly better than the cars and trucks available to the public while avoiding any accusations of bribery when the Consumer Report cars list is finally released.

Another reason that the Consumer Report cars list is considered so important is the long track record that Consumer Reports has of pointing out serious safety flaws in automobiles. Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, Consumer Reports tirelessly campaigned for safer automobiles. Their efforts were rewarded with improved safety regulations and manufacturers who returned to the drawing board to designer safer and more reliable cars and trucks. Not all manufacturers have been so willing to consider the test results of Consumer Reports, and Consumer Union has been the defendant in several high profile libel lawsuits by companies like Suzuki and Isuzu.

Despite the positive reputation that the Consumer Report cars list has generated over the years, Consumer Reports magazine does not have a completely free track record when it comes to testing automobiles and automotive accessories. The best known Consumer Reports controversy occurred in 2007 when the magazine reported that nearly all of the child safety seats that were on the market did not meet the proper safety standards for side impact collisions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration later uncovered that the seats were tested in side impact collisions occurring at 70 miles per hour, while the magazine reported that the tests were conducted at half of that speed.

The manner in which Consumer Reports responded to this and more minor errors is a major reason why the Consumer Report cars list is so heavily relied upon by automotive industry insiders. The current Consumer Reports president published an open letter in a subsequent issue of the magazine which apologized for the error and stated that the seats would be retested. Most of the seats passed the next inspection, and Consumer Reports sent a postcard to all of the magazines subscribers apologizing a second time for the error. With such an honest and open relationship with its readers and the automotive industry, it is no wonder why the annual Consumer Report cars list is so well respected.

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