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Corded Cordless Phones - The Versatility of the Corded Cordless Phones

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There are a lot of new and innovative styles of phones being manufactured today. With the long list of cell phones it is hard to believe you can still purchase the traditional land line styles. One popular design for the older phone is the corded cordless phone. Although this sounds like a contradiction in terms the phone is actually a system that includes one corded hand set and one or more cordless units. You will find these products available from several well known telephone manufacturers such as Panasonic, Uniden and AT&T.

Most of the new models of this corded design come with DECT technology. This technology is used for cordless phones to give them less static on the frequencies they use. This is important because households use a lot of products that send signals into the air that can cause interference on many frequencies. The base for the corded cordless telephone system includes an answering machine. The features the answering machine comes with will depend on the particular model of phone system you purchase. Most systems will have a specified capacity for numbers you can enter and store in the machine’s memory.

Some other features you may find will be call blocking, call forwarding and caller ID. The corded receiver is connected to the base, while the cordless ones have their own base mounts that are not connected to the machine. Most systems of this type will allow for the addition of extra handsets up to a certain number. You can find machines that are equipped to handle as many as six different cordless handsets. This makes it a good choice for households with many family members or businesses with several employees. You do need to purchase the same model of handset that is used with the model of corded phone you purchased.

The advantage to having both the corded and cordless units is the ability to stay connected even during power outages. The corded unit will continue to be functional even when the other units have lost their charge. The advantage to having the cordless phones is the ability to be more mobile in your phone usage. Another feature of the base system that also allows more mobility is the use of a speakerphone. This feature allows you to easily have your incoming call played over the speakers provided in the base so you can talk and hear without needing to hold the receiver.

Most of the cordless corded phone systems will be found in styles that use a black molded plastic in the design of the base and handsets. Some designs such as the units available from AT&T will also have silver included in the design. Most systems will also have a digital display to show you the number being called as well as who is calling. This display will be on both the base machine and the hand held units. Some of the handsets may come with lighted number pads to make the unit more visible in the dark.

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