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Cordless Digital Phones - Tips for selecting cordless digital phones

handset telephone base bandwidth

In the last few decades, there has been a never before seen level of growth in the industry of telecommunications. Telephone used to be stationary and wired devices that required considerable knowledge to operate; they were known to be unreliable and were not to be depended upon for help in emergency situations. Today, telephones are often sleek, wireless, mobile devices that are regularly used to ensure the safety of millions of people around the world. The technology is far more reliable than it ever has been, and there are more telephones available world wide today than at any other point in the history of the device.

However, although cell phones have gained tremendous popularity in recent years, the traditional land based telephone continues to be used in a number of locations throughout the United States and world at large. In fact, the traditional telephone is still considered to be a necessity in many places for home and business use. Cordless digital phones are considered to be one of the most significant developments in the land based phone in the last decade, as they bridge the gap between traditional wired telephone sets and fully wireless cell phones, both of which are essential and useful pieces of technology that lack certain advantages. This article provides some useful information about cordless digital phones and some tips on how you can make sure the next cordless digital phone you select meets your needs without breaking your budget.

The basic design of most cordless digital phones involves a base and a handset. The base of the phone is the location where the handset is placed when it is not in use; this is where the handset can charge its rechargeable batteries, as well as where the phone system itself connects to both its electric power source and the telephone line. The handset is the other portion of most cordless digital phones, and this is the part most people are familiar with because it is the part that most resembles a cell phone; through the cordless handset you can make and receive callas, view the numbers of people calling you, and even listen to messages and establish conference calls in the more sophisticated cordless digital phones.

The handset communicates with the base station on a particular frequency that will vary with the phone you purchase and the price range of the phone system itself; more expensive phones are likely to use higher band width for communication, which results in clearer phone calls and less interference from other phones on the same band width. Higher frequency phones also allow you to use the handset at greater distances from the base station, so if you are interested in roaming your back yard or throughout an apartment complex with your cordless phone, you are likely to have better results if you select a more expensive phone with a greater frequency bandwidth than a less expensive phone with a smaller bandwidth. Ensure that even if you are interested in saving money and you choose to purchase a phone with a lower bandwidth that you do not select the base 900 mhz bandwidth, as this frequency range is likely to suffer poorer sound quality in comparison to the 2.4 ghz range that more high end cordless digital phones come with.

To help you best determine which kinds of cordless digital phones will meet your needs, it is worth taking some time to determine exactly how you plan to use the phone once you buy it. For example, if you plan on making a lot of calls per day, it is worth investing in one of the newer cordless digital phones that comes with built in call waiting and speaker phones that can be used directly from the handset of the phone. When you have the speaker phone option available, you can operate the phone in a hands free mode, which will allow you to spend more time talking without experiencing discomfort from holding up the phone all the time. Similarly, if you run some kind of small business from home or have a home office environment, having cordless digital phones with multiple phone lines will enable you to communicate more effectively.

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