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Cordless Phones Panasonic - The reason that cordless phones from Panasonic are so popular is the brand name recognition that has been a large part of this manufacturer’s marketing strategy

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The reason that cordless phones from Panasonic are so popular is the brand name recognition that has been a large part of this manufacturer’s marketing strategy. They are instantly equated with a quality item, and this of course includes the number of telephones that are produced as well. A variety of models is offered in their product line, including both cordless and land line units. They are all built to the exacting standard of the quality control department, undergoing a battery of rigorous tests before being introduced to the public.

There are a great many manufacturers who produce cordless phones. Panasonic is one of the industry leaders for both quality and innovation in this niche. Their latest offering is the DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) 6.0 systems, which contains a host of great features and zero interference. Since static is the number one complaint of consumers using the cordless type of telephone, this firm has addressed the problem not with words, but with actions.

A few fine examples of the new DECT 6.0 phones from Panasonic are the KX-TG9391T, KX-TG933T, and KX-9334T. Each has a number of new features built in, which can be easily managed by even a novice user. The 9391T is a 2-line expandable model, so any extra calls can be more efficiently accommodated by the existing connection. It can be expanded to as many as 6 lines, so multiple handsets can be located at convenient areas around a residence or business. The 9333T has 2 additional handsets which make it much easier to answer calls anywhere in a home or small enterprise. In addition, this model has talking caller ID, a battery alert and a built-in alarm clock. Finally, the 9334T has the proprietary talking feature from Panasonic, but also is equipped with 3 more handsets. It too is expandable, so as the business or household expands, extra phones can be added as necessary.

Each of these sets comes with the best technology available in cordless phones. Panasonic understands the needs of the modern consumer as well as any company in this industry. This is the main reason why they remain ahead of their competition in most of the markets they are affiliated with.

For consumers looking to buy a phone equipped with an answering machine, the Panasonic KX-TG1032S has been rated the top model by many independent sources. Positive reports have been compiled by such sources as Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping and Amazon. In fact, there are over 400 reviews of this combination unit posted already at the last site. For discriminating buyers, it is worth checking out what others have to say prior to their own purchase.

Although there are other cordless phones from Panasonic, the KG-TG1032S has been rated higher on a more consistent basis from purchasers and experts in this field. This is most likely due to the extraordinary amount of features that have been packed into the device. These include such interesting innovations as a headphone jack, the ability to operate on the 1.9 GHz frequency reserved for cordless phones only, and the DECT technology that makes it almost interference free. According to expert reviewers, the KX-TG1032S is a great choice for extended families because of the ability to handle up to six handsets. There is 16 minutes of recording time on the digital answering machine, with a built-in mailbox as well. The only negative that has been reported is the lack of a backlit keypad. This makes calling in darkness or dim light virtually impossible, but hardly an insurmountable problem.

For those firms that service cordless phones, Panasonic has introduced a new SIP cordless phone system that is an efficient solution for small to medium sized businesses, or a home office setup. The benefits of this solution are expandability, and the flexibility to change as necessary. It is customer friendly and packed with the type of business features that are conducive to increased productivity. For users on the go, the mobility aspect can be the perfect solution for a service person working in the field.

Cordless phones by Panasonic feature some of the best technology ever seen in this industry. They make the perfect complement to any business – large or small.

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Dear Sir,
I am in need of the Panasonic Blue Tooth Cordless phone, KX-TG7642M. Please advice if the same can be made available in UAE, along with the store location.