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Mortgage Lenders Uk - United Kingdom Mortgage Lenders Help Homebuyers New And Old

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There are over one hundred reputable mortgage lenders to choose from in the United Kingdom.

For those interested in purchasing a real estate parcel, what companies should be researched in order to settle on the ideal United Kingdom mortgage lender?

Below is a list of the top mortgage lenders in the United Kingdom, all with something unique to offer each of its home buying or potential real estate purchasing clients.

A List Of Top United Kingdom Mortgage Lenders

1) Halifax Building Society: Having merged with the Bank Of Scotland to form HBOS, this company offers a range of products in the mortgage industry, from repayments to interest only mortgages. Taking care of first time homebuyers and veteran purchasers alike, Halifax Building Society is there to help safeguard the process for its customers while making sure all goes smoothly during the transaction. A section on mortgage advice for one’s home is also available on the company’s website to further help its customers understand what the sequence entails and what they can expect during the home buying procedure.

2) Abbey National: Enjoying an overall market share of twenty-eight percent, Abbey National holds the reputation as the fastest growing United Kingdom mortgage lenders company despite the recent crunch in credit for the country. This company has managed to increase its market share more than three times over between the years of 2004 and 2008 – in the 2004 year Abbey National had an average of eight percent of the mortgage market as their customers, while in 2008 that number jumped to twenty-eight percent of the total share.

3) Nationwide: Known as the second largest of the mortgage lenders in the United Kingdom, Nationwide has commanded a twenty percent overall market share. Providing customers with the ability to both manage their mortgage bills online, Nationwide gives more than just this type of convenience to its clients. A mortgage comparison rate calculator is also available on the site to give a home buying party an idea of what he or she is about to enter into in terms of payments and interest rates associated with the loan.

4) Northern Rock: One of the five biggest mortgage lenders in the United Kingdom, Northern Rock has captured a share made up of fifteen percent of the total home buying market. The employees of the Northern Rock company are well versed in all mortgage matters and can therefore assist their current customers or potential new customers with calculating a mortgage rate, figuring out how much a client is eligible to borrow, and coming up with a suitable monthly budget so that payments can be easily met.

5) Woolwich Building Society: Eleven percent of the market share goes to the Woolwich Building Society, which since the year 2000 has been owned by Barclays. While Woolwich Building Society has the honor of being one of the United Kingdom’s biggest mortgage lending companies, Barclays has its focus on both loans and banking. A five year fixed rate mortgage is just one of the products offered to clients of the Woolwich Building Society. In addition, interested customers can find website information on additional borrowing and how to switch their mortgage from a different organization to the Woolwich Building Society.

6) HSBC: Offering customers the choice of a fixed, tracker, or discount mortgage, HSBC is a United Kingdom mortgage lender that features overseas mortgages as part of its product line. The consumer who is interested in using HSBC for his real estate needs will find that he can remortgage his current property with this company, move to a new home and thereby open up a new mortgage using HSBC’s services, or the customer can seamlessly switch over to HSBC from a prior mortgage lenders United Kingdom company.

Six choices for mortgage lenders in the United Kingdom give the potential home buyer many options when it comes to plan choices, interest rates, payment schedules, budgets, and other aspects to factor in when signing up for the ability to fund an investment of this caliber.

Whichever mortgage lending company in the United Kingdom a client chooses to use, there’s an ideal plan for every homebuyer that’s entirely customizable to their lifestyle, incomes, budgets, and needs.

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