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Motels New York - How To Lodge At Motels In New York

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There are plenty of different lodging options throughout the state of New York. These accommodations are used for various reasons such as business travel, tourism, and truck drivers, just to name a few. Sometimes, people who travel to New York don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars per night for a guest room. That is why they opt for affordable lodging in motels.

There are some basic differences between motels and hotels, most notably in the amenities and services. A motel offers the most basic accommodations such as standard size beds, bathroom, small TV with cable, and maybe air conditioning. Features such as high speed internet access, room service, laundry, lavish interior decor, business centers, and swimming pools are not expected in motels.

In New York State, the most popular locations for motels are right off major exits along the Interstate highway system. For example, drivers can expect to find hundreds of motels near the exits of Interstate 87 and Interstate 90, which run through most of the state. These motels are known as motor inns, and they are most often used by trucks drivers.

However, people driving around the state for other reasons are more than welcome to use such cheap lodging. These types of motels typically feature plenty of parking spaces to accommodate the large number of people arriving by car. Another major benefit of motor inns is that they don’t require reservations and usually work on a first come first serve basis.

In addition to motor inns, there may be some other types of inexpensive hotels near the highway exits. The lodging options may bear the name of ‘hotel’ in their title, but they are essentially motels and inns. For example, near the intersection of I-81 and I-90 at exit 25 in Syracuse, there are about a dozen cheap places to stay. You can expect to find names such as Comfort Inn, Super 8 Motel, Red Carpet Inn, United Inn, and more. Similarly, there are the same lodging options off exit 23 along I-87 near Albany. Some examples include Econo Lodge and Regency Inn & Suites. Motels typically have unique names and they are operated locally, rather than international chains such as Hilton and Marriott. Therefore, guests can usually distinguish between motels from hotels, and save time in their search for affordable lodging.

The motel lodging options in upstate New York state are quite different than those in New York City. Visitors can’t expect to find the same types of motels in NYC as those in upstate cities such as Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse. First of all, the streets of NYC are lined with skyscrapers and high rising buildings. Spotting a motel may not be easy in such an urban environment. Also, walk-in lodging is uncommon because most of the hotels are booked in advance.

The concept of a motel doesn’t really exist in New York City, especially in Manhattan, the heart of the city. However, there are some similar inns in areas such as Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx. However, these are urban residential neighborhoods that are not the most appealing locations of NYC. Additionally, they are more than 30 minutes away from Manhattan’s attractions. Also, most of the hotels in NYC do not have parking lots for cars, so drivers will have a hard time finding the right options.

For those flying to New York City, there are plenty of lodging options right near Newark Airport and JFK Airport, and shuttles are available between the hotels and airports. Some of the airport hotels may have exclusive parking spaces, typically for guests who use rental cars.

Nevertheless, there are still motel-like lodging options in the most popular districts of New York City. There are inexpensive lodging options in Midtown Manhattan and surrounding neighborhoods. The cheapest hotels in Manhattan are those that are found in old historic buildings, and they are usually operated by small business owners rather than major hotel chains. The buildings have been recently converted into hotels, but they were used as factories, offices, and entertainment venues.

The interior layout may not be the most comfortable, but it is affordable for NYC visitors. Instead of staying at expensive skyscraper hotels in Times Square such as Marriott Marquis, AKA or Chatwal, guests opt for cheap options such as Portland Square, Milford Plaza, and Paramount. The latter options may not offer panoramic views or be spacious, but they are affordable.

In NYC, lodging is all about location. At the end of the day, tourists want to find a place to stay that is located right near the major attractions, and may not be concerned with the luxurious accommodations and services.

Residential Manhattan neighborhoods such as SoHo, Greenwich Village, Murray Hill, and Gramercy have very affordable hotels because of their location that is farther from the city’s major attractions. Of course, there is excellent access to the New York subway system to get around the city.

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