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Movie Theater New York - The Movie Theater of New York

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New York has long been recognized as a cultural, financial, and social capital – in fact, it seems to be the center of almost all things American, with the exception of its political base (a little place we call Washington, D.C.) Arguably, however, the city of New York has gained the greatest recognition for its long and storied history of providing the best of entertainment. While Los Angeles may reign supreme as king of the film industry, New York, as the historical home of Broadway, holds a monopoly on live theater, from modern day musicals to classical Shakespearean productions.

However, while New York is not, by any means, Los Angeles, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its fair share of magnetism for film enthusiasts. Like any big city, if you want to find a movie theater, New York has an entire host of them. Stuck in Manhattan and looking for a movie theater? New York alone houses countless AMCs and Regal Entertainments, not to mention those with a more “indie” flavor, such as Indiehouse Cinema (as one might guess from its name) and the more mainstream, but still relatively small, Clearview Chelsea Cinemas. Indeed, for the modern day movie theater, New York has a positively thriving industry – even if New York isn’t home to Hollywood itself. But a large population means a large demand for entertainment, and the population of New York state currently sits at a whopping 19,541,453, while New York City houses 8,008,278 inhabitants, and Manhattan alone is home to the still impressive number of 1,629,054 residents. That’s over a million potential movie-goers. No wonder a movie theater in New York is such a common sight.

But what options are out there for all these prospective film enthusiasts, who are no doubt hungry for the exciting New York movie theater world of Imax screens on every other street corner and brightly lit posters by evening? What of the films themselves? These days, arguably the most popular movie currently in theaters – that is, in a movie theater of New York or any other city or state – is a little flick called Inception. Featuring all all-star cast including Leonardo DiCaprio (of mega blockbuster Titanic fame), Ellen Page (who once played the savvy and charming pregnant teen Juno), the boyishly charming Joseph Gordon-Levitt and dashing blue-eyed Cillian Murphy, among other popular actors, the movie moreover boasts a score by Hans Zimmer, one of the biggest names in the music industry. Zimmer previously composed scored for the latest Sherlock Holmes film, not to mention the Pirates of the Carribean trilogy. Perhaps the biggest nom de plum, however, is the director himself – none other than Christopher Nolan, who made a name for himself first with Batman Begins and more recently with The Dark Knight. Few other films in recent years have generated as much hype as this Batman trilogy in progress – with the possible exception, of course, of Inception.

Inception is playing almost everywhere in the US right now, but certain films are more unique to New York. Famed indie movie theater of New York “Indiehouse Cinema” is currently playing only one film – but it’s one that an audience will be hard pressed to find any place else. Living up to the name of the establishment, the feature of the moment is They Came to Play, an independent film documenting the trials and tribulations of pianists from all over the world as they progress through the Fifth International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs. If you’re looking for a movie theater in New York with a bit of indie flavor, this feature will no doubt satisfy – particularly if you’re a music enthusiast as well with a taste for the joys of the classical piano.

Buy your tickets today, whether it’s to check out megahit Inception or this lovely little musical documentary. In either case, you’ll get the chance to experience the marvel of a real movie theater in New York, one of the great entertainment capitals of the world. It may feel like any other theater, but just remember, even if it’s a terrible film, you’ll have the whole of Manhattan to explore after the closing credits.

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