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Mp3 Cell Phones - How To Find Good MP3 Cell Phones

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Many cell phones now provide multiple functions such as email, text and media player applications. Mp3 cell phones are available for a wide range of prices from inexpensive basic phones to elaborate multifunctional cell phones that play various types of media. Some phones are tailored to play music files and come with headphones and/or speakers to accommodate that.

Some mp3 cell phones offer built in memory that can allow for storage of music files while others have expandable memory that allows for large amounts of storage. Many mp3 cell phones with built in storage may only hold a small amount of music depending on the file size. Mp3 cell phones that have expandable memory slots often utilize micro SD cards in order to store music files for listening while on the go.

Micro SD cards allow mp3 cell phones to hold more music and files, often up to 16 or 32GB. These micro SD cards are widely available in a variety of sizes from 1GB up to 32GB though each phone will be able to support only a certain amount. Cards may be purchased at grocery or electronics stores and are easy to replace if lost due to the low cost.

When choosing mp3 cell phones, consider your needs for listening to music. Some phones are designed to function as dedicated mp3 players and can be worn with an arm band for use while exercising or attached to an adapter to play in a car. Clips are also available to attach a phone to a shirt or a bag in order to use while exercising or bike riding.

The cost of mp3 cell phones is another factor to consider when choosing a new phone. Phones capable of playing mp3 music often cost more but as the phones become more popular the cost has been gradually decreasing for basic models. For some it may be acceptable to purchase a less expensive phone if the mp3 cell phone will not be used often but for others buying a higher quality phone will allow for a better listening experience.

After selecting an mp3 cell phone, it will need to be connected to a computer in order to transfer music to it and store it either in the built in memory or on a micro SD card. This is done by connecting a USB cable which may be included in the phone’s packaging or may have to be purchased separately for an additional fee. Once connected files will need to be placed either in a specified folder as per the directions included with the phone manual or a folder can be created in order to keep them organized.

After files have been copied the phone can be removed from the USB cable and can then be used to play mp3 files. Whether music is listened to on headphones or through the built in speakers, mp3 cell phones offer a great way to listen to music without the need to carry additional equipment.

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