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Multi Disc Dvd Player - Using Multi Disc DVD Players to Preserve Your Movie Collection

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One of the primary drawbacks of media stored on the DVD format is the susceptibility to damage. Excessive heat, scratches, or moisture can quickly damage or completely destroy a DVD. While this may be merely frustrating and costly for commercial DVDs, it is devastating for one-of-a-kind materials like home movies. However, many of these issues are caused primarily by over-handling of the discs, particularly by small children. Because the format is so fragile, simply taking discs in and out of players without extreme care can cause permanent damage. Multi disc DVD players can help alleviate this problem by allowing multiple discs to be stored in the player itself, which results in less handling and prolonging the life of DVD media.

For most users, there are a small number of discs that they play over and over again. For example, children tend to latch onto to a particular movie for several weeks at a time and want to watch it over and over again. Multi disc players can keep those popular movies from getting scratched by leaving them loaded in the machine over a longer period of time, even if Mom and Dad want to watch something else in the evening. The increasing popularity and availability of TV shows on DVD also means that a single disk maybe be viewed multiple times over several days or even weeks. These disks can be stored safely while other slots in the player are used for more frequently changed discs.

Multi disc players come in a variety of options, particularly in regards to the number of discs they can hold. In most cases, a player will hold three to five DVDs, but there are some players that can hold many more. Some can even hold up to four hundred discs, though these huge holders come with their own problems. For instance, most large players will automatically load up DVD titles when a disc is inserted. However, the players do not always accurately read the DVD information and sometimes skip a disc altogether. A popular solution to this problem from some manufacturers is to include an adapter to allow a keyboard to be hooked up to the player, and then the user can add whatever information they want to the disc description. Another option is to maintain a list on a separate computer or even to print out a list of discs and keep a hard copy near the DVD player.

One typically overlooked advantage of a multi disc dvd players is their use as audio players. In most cases, a home theater system will have substantially better speaker components and enclosure placement than an simple audio system such as a cd player or iPod mount. A DVD can usually store about 4.7 gigabytes of information, which translates to more than a thousand average-length MP3 songs per DVD. If a system can store five DVDs, that means it can play almost three hundred fifty hours of music before needing to be changed.

One of the major complaints about multi disc dvd players is that they tend to scratch discs more often than other players. This is particularly noticeable in players that store a very high number of discs in a small space, like the four hundred disc changers. Sometimes the discs are so tightly packed that a spinning disc actually rubs against adjacent discs during use. In most cases, players that hold ten discs or fewer do not have this problem, so it’s important to consider this factor when deciding on a player. Make sure to check reviews online before purchasing any multi disc dvd player as several models, including high-end brands, sometimes have a reputation for scratching discs. A little research before purchase can save a lot of money and frustration.

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