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Netgear 24 Port Switch - The Netgear 24 Port Switch Is A Perfect Solution For Small To Mid Sized LANS

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Network Administrators know that having the right equipment is the key to maintaining a fast and efficient Local Area Network (LAN). So it is just not enough to have products that simply meet the minimum requirements, they need to be solidly built and able to withstand the rigors of full time use. Information Technology is one field that is constantly changing, and being able to adapt to new innovations, is like having another full time job. That is why the planning stage of building any system involving multiple users is critical. The data flow has to be constant, otherwise crucial timelines can be missed, and that has direct impact on the bottom line.

One area that can’t be compromised is the communication’s closet. Here in the equipment rack, lays the nerve center of any computer network. At the heart of the system is the components that are able to automatically route messages intended for users on the LAN. One of the best products available for this purpose is the Netgear 24 port switch. It is fast, reliable, and able to deliver the necessary performance required of such a piece of hardware. Most experts in the field of information technology know that this company has been building computer devices for many years, and is known for their quality products. At an extremely compact size of only 13” wide by 8.2” deep by 1.70” high, and a weight of merely 5.30 lbs, this data center is highly portable, and will fit into a number of data racks. Designers have engineered the most possible features into the smallest potential space without sacrificing on the necessary speed or functionality needed on a network.

The Netgear 24 port switch has a multitude of features built-in that makes it the perfect device for any small to medium sized LAN. It has the capability of handling up to 48 Gpbs of available bandwidth, with up to 2000 Mbps allotted to each port. Since bandwidth is at a premium these days, it makes sense to install a device that will automatically distribute the maximum amount to each node or user that is connected to the switch. The unit also has a form factor indicating that it is rack mountable, so administrators can easily integrate the unit into the data rack, and take advantage of the auto configuration mode, allowing automatic sensing of 10/100/1000 Mbps devices. With the ability to transfer copious amounts of data, including video, still images and even multi-media, this apparatus is the perfect networking solution for a growing business. It is also reasonably priced, making it more than affordable for small to medium sized firms looking to expand.

The list of features included on this model is impressive, and includes 24 auto sensing 10/100 ports — either Ethernet 10Base-T or Ethernet 100Base-TX with a data transfer rate of 100 Mbps. The integrated Data Link Protocol uses either Ethernet or Fast Ethernet for the transfer of information. This device can switch between Half-duplex and Full-duplex communication mode on the fly, and it also has plug and play capability (meaning that the device will configure itself to the network). With the ability to auto detect both the current speed and duplex mode that the network is currently using, the switch can save plenty of set up and re-configuration time. Furthermore, it has the ability to Auto Uplink the right incoming signal, which ensures that the right connection is made. A rack mount kit is included as well with the purchase, making it a complete package. Administrators revel in the fact that this machine is able to configure itself as soon as all of the connections are made. This “hands off” management style is one more great reason for installing this type of switch. With one less thing to worry about on the network, other problems can be concentrated on and corrected. Knowing that the switch is functioning properly takes one more possibility out of the troubleshooting equation.

There are a great many suppliers offering this model; both online, and at a computer supply store. Users can shop conveniently from the comfort of their office chair, and compare models and prices before placing an order. This is also a great way to get a quote before heading off to the traditional brick and mortar shop. Armed with type of information, it is much easier to make a deal with the sales person, knowing that the same model can be had on the Internet. Prices vary, but major online retailers such as Amazon are offering the device at a discount of 14%, bringing the total cost to $87.99 — and they also throw in free shipping. Including a lifetime warranty from Netgear, the features and benefits afforded the typical user by this model are a good value for the money.

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