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New Balance Shorts - Popular New Balance Shorts

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Founded in 1906, and based in Boston, Massachusetts, New Balance is a well known athletic shoe company. In the 1970’s, New Balance became well known among runners as producers of a quality running shoe, that was sold for reasonable prices. Soon after that, the company began marketing and selling exercise and running clothes as well. New Balance prides itself on producing the best fitting and best performing shoes and apparel by using the latest technology. They constantly research new production methods to ensure they keep their costs reasonable and can maintain facilities in the United States. When it comes to apparel, New Balance tries to mix new fabrics and features with classic fits and designs. One of the areas that New Balance has excelled is the production of exercise and running shorts. These shorts have been selling well, and have become a presence among avid exercisers and runners. Below is a list of a few New Balance shorts that have been highly recommended, and are rated as the most popular.

Men’s NP 9-Inch short

These shorts are one of the best selling for New Balance. They are made for running, and have mesh inserts that allow sweat to evaporate. They are also made from Lightning Dry fabric that wicks sweat away and keep the runner dry throughout the workout. Another nice feature is the reflective details that allow for better nighttime visibility. These shorts retail for $28.00 and can be found in most local stores that sell New Balance apparel. Some of the customer reviews stated that the wicking fabric worked great, and the shorts were durable. They stand up to multiple runs as well as multiple washes. Overall, customers were very satisfied with these shorts.

Men’s All Purpose Short

These shorts are good for almost any kind of workout. They have two side pockets, a draw cord and a 9 inch seam. They are made from a wicking fabric and have mesh panels to allow sweat to evaporate. These shorts retail for about $20.00 in New Balance stores as well as sports stores such as Dix Sporting Goods. The reviews for these shorts stated that they were lightweight and that the wicking fabric was incredible. They are perfect for either the gym or outdoor sports such as basketball games.

Women’s NP Short

The Women’s NP Short is made from New Balance’s Lightning Dry fabric that wicks sweat and moisture away from the skin. Some other features of these shorts are ventilation panels, reflective strips on the seams and a contoured fit. The retail price for these shorts is $25.00 and they are commonly found in local sports stores as well as popular online retailers. Some of the reviewers stated that the shorts were good for long runs, especially in the heat, and that they didn’t chafe runners’ legs. Reviewers also liked that they can be found in a variety of colors.

Women’s 5 Inch Tempo Running Short

Many runners reviewed these shorts positively and stated that they were a staple in their running wardrobe. The reviews especially praised these shorts for being versatile. They are good for trail running or in the gym. The Tempo Running Short features two side pockets as well as a key pocket. Another popular feature is the lightweight inner brief. They retail for $30.00 and are found in stores that sell New Balance apparel.

New Balance is a company that is constantly evolving and changing their look and their style. They pride themselves on being a leader in the exercise industry, as well as having reasonable prices. In the past several years, New Balance apparel, called NB, has become well known among runners and exercisers. The brand is sold in many sports stores as well as several online retailers. Although it is recommended to try on any exercise clothing before purchasing, New Balance shorts are known for being well fitting and durable. The New Balance brand has developed a loyal following and will likely be on the market for a long time to come.

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