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New Balance Stores - New Balance Stores May be a Total Fit

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New Balance stores are the newest rage in personalized attention for the avid runner. Powered by a recent marketing blitz, New Balance aims to compete nationally with smaller specialty running stores. Though many runners remain reluctant to move away from the smaller businesses they have frequented for years, one visit to the closest New Balance store is often all it takes to change their mind. Powered by knowledgeable salespeople, convenient locations, and a quality product, New Balance stores may just change the way people shop for fitness gear.

New Balance carries a reputation for quality running shoes and now they plan to capitalize on that name through specialty running shoe stores aimed at the highly lucrative fitness and running market. With stores cropping up all over the country, chances one can find multiple New Balance stores conveniently located across most major U.S. cities.

New Balance knows fitness enthusiasts are looking for more out of a purchase experience now. The days of walking in and simply picking out your own athletic shoes are over. That is why New Balance staffs their stores with professionally trained sales representatives. According to the New Balance site, 60 percent of people are wearing the wrong running shoe. To combat that problem, they offer a “Total Fit” experience designed to put each customer into the best-fitting shoe possible. While this may seem little more than a clever marketing ploy, “Total Fit” truly does make a difference. Running puts an incredible amount of stress on the human body and our feet are where the rubber really does meet the road. For most runners, proper footwear will decide whether they meet fitness goals or not. This rings especially true for people new to running, a demographic New Balance stores can greatly benefit.

Touting the ability to measure 88 critical points of fit, New Balance stores aim to put people into the best-fitting shoe possible. This may seem like a simple process, but a base of knowledge really does make difference when fitting a running shoe. Many people forget to consider foot width, gait, arch support, tread style, and the many other factors that can make all the difference once you actually hit the road in a new pair of shoes. New Balance stores promise to solve the fit problem for any runner, through their comprehensive Total Fit experience. This approach can prove especially beneficial to new runners looking to begin a new fitness regime.
Before you step into a new pair of shoes, step into one of the many New Balance stores near you. Their quality product and dedication to the custom, Total Fit experience for every customer may make all the difference for your fitness goals.

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