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New England Journal Medicine - How to Submit a Manuscript to the New England Journal of Medicine

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The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) is a medical research periodical for physicians. Most of the articles submitted to the journal represent studies in biomedical science and clinical procedures. Potential authors are afforded a wealth of information on how to prepare and submit their manuscripts for publication in the New England Journal of Medicine. The Author Center instructs individuals to register to become a member so that articles can be saved onto the database server. After an individual submits a manuscript, they are given a manuscript number based upon their name. To submit a manuscript to the New England Journal of Medicine, authors must prepare their manuscripts and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Determine the Article Type
Authors must decide early before they prepare their manuscripts what type of manuscript it will be. Manuscripts submitted to the journal may be classified as original research, clinical cases, or review articles. If an article represents original research, then the results must be clinical in nature and the final report must adhere to common principles of scientific procedures. Authors who desire to submit a clinical case study must clearly outline the methodology used within the scientific experiment; case studies should not exceed 2,500 words. For authors who desire to submit a review article, they should only consider this option when the article has been solicited by the editor of the journal.

Step 2: Establish Authorship Priorities
If one or more authors are submitting the same article to the New England Journal of Medicine, then prior to submission, the author must clearly outline the hierarchy of authority. The senior editor or senior writer of the manuscript must determine if an author is a contributor or an editor. Once these roles have been clearly delineated, then the senior editor or first author may submit the manuscript with the assurance that statements made within the article are true and factual.

Step 3: Submit Necessary Disclosure Forms
The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) Form for Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest requests that the author disclose any monetary resources received during the writing of the work in the forms of travel grants or honorarium; disclose financial relationships that may pose as a conflict of interest such as a fee paid to the author for writing the book; and disclose any information about securing a writing assistant or professional editor. The form is required for submission and can be submitted electronically.

Step 4: Prepare the Manuscript File
Preparing the manuscript to be submitted electronically involves a laborious process for the author who has already completed the manuscript without first reading the author submission requirements of the journal. Authors must double-space the entire manuscript to include references, footnotes, endnotes, and tables. The manuscript must be submitted as a Word document or in a PDF file. The journal prefers that the manuscript be submitted as a PDF.

Step 5: Write the Abstract
The abstract should be no more than 250 total words in four paragraphs. Separate the paragraphs by the following subheadings: Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions. The sections should describe the problem, the methodology of the study, and how the author arrived at the results.

Step 6: Secure Permissions
Authors must secure copyright permissions before the article can be published in the New England Journal of Medicine. In addition, authors must agree to transfer copyright to The Massachusetts Medical Society. The Society may then license, reproduce, distribute, and fully exercise its legal right to the copyright. Authors cannot reproduce the material without the express permission of the Society.

Step 7: Prepare the References
Authors must prepare the reference list according to medical citation standards. The reference list must be double-spaced and numbered in consecutive order as they are cited within the main body of the text. References for tables and figures must be numbered and must correspond with wherever they are placed within the body text. Where there are less than six authors, all authors must be cited. Where there are more than six authors, the first three must be listed, followed by “et al.”

Step 8: Secure Photograph Release Approvals
Authors must ensure that they have the permission of a patient to use his or her likeness in an article submitted to the journal. Patients must sign a Release Form for Photographs of Identifiable Patients. Authors must make it clear that patients signing the form waive their rights to privacy, copyright protection, and publicity.

Step 9: Create a ScholarOne Account
To submit a manuscript to the New England Journal of Medicine, authors must first register and create an account. All authors must submit their personal and professional information along with details of their manuscript. Separate sections of your manuscript into either separate files or print the full manuscript so that you will be able to quickly refer to the sections once you are asked questions about the manuscript.

Step 10: Review Procedures Before You Submit
It is always a good idea to review the procedures before submitting your manuscript to the New England Journal of Medicine. In addition, review your manuscript. Check to make sure that the facts and figures are accurate. Make sure that numbers and text and tables correspond. Verify your name, your personal information, your title, any and everything. Be a nag! Check it all.

For Manuscript Submission:

For Author Disclosure Form:

For Patient Photograph Release Agreement:

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