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New Haven Homes - New Haven Homes: Something For Everyone

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New Haven, CT is a dynamic business, cultural and educational hub located in Southern New England. A broad spectrum of New Haven homes afford residential and rental opportunities for all who look to call the Elm City home. New Haven homes offer timeless style, location, accessibility, experience and so much more and most would agree there is something here for everyone. With world-class universities, hospitals and corporate headquarters, the appeal of New Haven is evident.

New Haven homes are available in a wide array of architectural styles, sizes and locations throughout the Elm City. Boasting approximately 40 distinct neighborhoods, prospective residents searching for New Haven homes will find a wealth of real estate offerings. From the stately antique Victorian residences gracing the streets near Yale to the elegant Tudor-style homes of the Westville section, antique architecture is a common theme. Additional home offerings in the form of condominiums, town houses and apartments are all available and interspersed throughout the city.

The elegant, classic and timeless nature of New Haven homes is visible to passersby and residents alike. With a storied history dating back to XXXX, many period residences are still actively used as homes today.


Residents of New Haven homes find themselves centrally located to the major U.S. cities of Boston, Hartford, New York and Washington D.C. Access to these cities affords residents exposure to a wealth of cultural, historic, business and travel resources. Area residents, through regional transportation offerings and hubs, have access to the global community.


Residents of New Haven homes have world-class access to transportation, infrastructure, education and commerce. Centrally located in Southern Connecticut, New Haven access to Boston, New York, Washington D.C. and the world are within reach of residents through various modes of transportation. Interstates 95 and the historic Merritt Parkway offer North-South car access to area towns and communities. Rail travel is possible out of Union and State Street Stations on Metro-North Railroad or Amtrak. Locally, commuter flights are available at Tweed New Haven Airport, while more extensive domestic and international offerings are available through the major New York Metro airports and Bradley International Airport. The Port of New Haven facilitates the regional transit of energy and supply resources to Connecticut residents.

Living in New Haven homes offers residents a host of local experiences. With proximity to a diverse ivy-league educational community offering museums, research talks, guest speakers, sporting events and concerts, residents will find their calendar chalk full of activities. Additionally, New Haven offers world-class dining options which will provide residents with an unending supply of restaurants to sample. Many point to New Haven as the birthplace of the American hamburger while pizza is known to have a rivalry regarding its roots at Pepe’s and Sally’s. Shopping is available downtown and talks continue about installing a mall at Long Wharf. August sees the arrival of the annual Pilot Pen tennis tournament, at the Yale Tennis Center, which serves as a warm-up event to the U.S. Open.

Anyone searching out New Haven homes will be pleased to know that market availability is ripe. Residences in a variety of sizes, styles, prices and neighborhoods are actively available for sale and rental. As with all active real estate listings, amenities will vary by property.

New Haven homes offer the perfect mix of quaint bucolic architecture, coupled with accessibility, location and experience for area residents. With a long and storied history, New Haven continues to be regarded as a regional center for commerce, education and culture. Anyone seeking out a New Haven home would be wise to consider the diverse and charming offerings of the Elm City in their quest for real estate.

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