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New Homes Sacramento - Benefits of Buying New Homes in Sacramento

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New homes in Sacramento provide a terrific place to raise a family in a warm-weathered, family-friendly city that lies in close proximity to the major metropolis of San Francisco. In addition to the weather and location advantages associated with purchasing homes in Sacramento, California, price considerations also factor in to the large number of individuals and families that have relocated to Sacramento in the past 20 years. Whatever the reason is for your personal migration to Sacramento, rest assured that there are many fine homes from which to choose.

Area Information

Sacramento is the capital city of California and as such, the downtown area is home to government offices, including the office of the governor. The residential areas in Sacramento are considered some of the most ‘livable’ in the nation and expansion is constantly in progress, creating new homes for purchase every year.

Whether you choose to purchase new homes in Sacramento around the North Natomas section of town or if you instead choose to be closer to the Sierra Mountains in the eastern regions of Sacramento, you are likely to find homes to fit any budget.

Sacramento is a highly diverse city, with people of all nationalities coming together to form melded communities. Over 70 different languages are spoken in the region and individuals from every cultural background are likely to find a comfortable niche in Sacramento.


Sacramento experiences above average heat in the summer, with temperatures that reach the high 90s and low 100s. For this reason, many of the new homes in Sacramento fitted out with swimming pools. The rest of the year in Sacramento is relatively temperate, with low 50s being the coldest expected winter temperatures.

With the terrific weather that Sacramento provides, individuals and families can enjoy a great deal of outdoor recreation in the area. Folsom Lake is a favorite gathering place for locals and travelers alike, affording the perfect location for water sports such as water skiing. Live the good life in the sunshine by purchasing new homes in Sacramento.


In just under 2 hours by car, Sacramento residents can arrive in the heart of San Francisco. The proximity to a major metropolis that Sacramento affords makes it a commuter haven for individuals that work in the San Francisco area. Commuter trains such as Cal Train provide a way for men and women to ride into San Francisco for work and back into Sacramento during their off hours. The early 90s was the most dramatic exodus from San Francisco, as many individuals and families were lured by the attraction of affordable housing in Sacramento. Many San Francisco residents traded in their rental apartments for good-sized homes in the Sacramento region, keeping their high paying jobs in San Francisco but enjoying the lower cost of living in their new residential haven.


A standard rental home in San Francisco is generally priced well over $3,000 per month. Instead of paying such incredibly high rates for property that you do not even own, many individuals have decided to purchase new homes in Sacramento and apply this amount to their home mortgage. It is incredible that land only two hours from San Francisco can be so dramatically reduced in price.

The Search

The internet provides a stellar place to begin your search for new homes in Sacramento. A simple query using your favorite internet search engine should yield many pages of links to homes for sale in the Sacramento area. Before rushing out to make your purchase, you would be wise to slow down and do your homework in order to secure the best deal possible.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a watchdog organization that exists for the sole purpose of fostering transparent business dealings between consumers and businesses. Before meeting any realtor to see a prospective property for purchase, be sure to check them out with the BBB to see if they have established a good reputation over the years with previous customers. The BBB will provide both positive and negative feedback in a non-biased manner that will help you to get a true picture of your realtor’s service levels and honesty.

New homes in Sacramento represent a realistic opportunity for men and women to enjoy the good life, at prices they can afford.

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