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new jersey county map helps travelers
New Jersey is a state that can be confusing to the uninitiated traveler. Some would say New Jersey has it all: beaches, boardwalks, ultra-urban cities, quaint towns of antiquity and history, vast forested areas and even the Watchung Mountains. Finding the treasured jewels of New Jersey could be difficult until a traveler studies a new jersey county map.

Getting A Sense of New Jersey Counties
There’s a simple way to understand a new jersey county map once a bit of organized thought is applied. Fortunately, new jersey county maps can be found in most libraries, municipal centers and tourist sites. In fact, a new jersey county map is something most new homenowners should purchase so they have a clearer understanding of the county in which they live or plan to purchase a home. The most urban counties of New Jersey are Passaic, Morris, Hudson, Bergen, Essex and Union. They are also the most traveled areas given their proximity to New York City. Yet, northern counties occupy far less land mass than counties to the south or west. These counties lie for the most part in Northeast New Jersey and are as different from their northwestern country neighbors as can be imagined. Sussex, Warren and Hunterdon counties comprise the northwest and western counties of New Jersey. This is where a large percentage of a more rural population enjoys long, winding roads, pristine lakes and great streams for leisurely fishing. The north eastern counties create a picture of where one might find a large number of industries and shopping. While the northwestern counties offer a more rural lifestyle embedded deeply in Revolutionary war history and antiquity.

The Counties of Central New Jersey
There are four counties considered part of Central New Jersey by most residents: Somerset, Mercer, Middlesex and Monmouth. Somerset and Mercer counties lie to the west of Middlesex and Monmouth, two largely residential areas banded by the Atlantic Ocean and peninsula of the Raritan Bay. These counties have exploded in population for the past two decades. Mercer County, slightly larger than Union County, is also where the state’s capital, Trenton, is located. Mercer County is home to Princeton University, The Nassau Club, the state Aquarium and a number of hi-tech industries along the Route 1 corridor. Yet, Mercer County appears as rural as Somerset County. Somerset County has long, rolling hills that present a wide panorama of elevations known as the Somerset Hills. Much of Somerset County is unmistakably farm country although in recent years a spate of growth in housing has begun to alter the scenic view slightly. Middlesex County is a hub of activities the year round and likely has more shopping malls per square mile than other New Jersey Counties. Middlesex County is home to Rutgers University, Cook Agricultural College, Thomas Edison’s memorial park and numerous Revolutionary War historical sites.

The “South Counties” of New Jersey
A traveler notices the greatest change once they leave Monmouth County and head to south or southwest New Jersey. Ocean, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Atlantic, Cumberland and Cape May comprise what is traditionally referred to as “South Jersey”. The scent of salt air, sand and farm markets intersperse between long areas of farmland that produce cranberries, corn, the famous Jersey Tomato and other crops of vegetables and fruits. Dairy farms predominate in certain areas of Burlington, Salem and Cumberland Counties. Southern New Jersey counties offer an unusual blend of rustic, rural living with a certain salty tang in the air wafting off the Great Atlantic Ocean. The Delaware River begins at the southwestern end of Mercer County and ribbons its way along Burlington, Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland counties. In the center of this largest, less populated area of New Jersey are the Pine Barrens, a enormous area of woodlands that harbor acreas and acreas of pine trees. Cape May County is the darling of most tourists to New Jersey because it has retained it’s Victorian essence and a lighthouse that is a popular venue for photographers.

The Importance of County Maps
County maps play an important role in educating residents about real estate or property issues and are extremely important in defining environmental compliance regulations.

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