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New Pontiac Cars - Hot New Pontiac Cars Goodbye

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Pontiac has been a car brand that has served many generations of Americans and continued to be popular amongst any age group of drivers. Pontiac prices were affordable and economic. The various models have an attractive design, and when it is time to fix them, the parts are more economical and cost effective than those of foreign cars. GM cars have been a tradition and the new hot models of Pontiacs offered affordability, looks, many utilitarian and convenient features, as well as performance. Some of the latest new Pontiac cars were the G8, G6, G5, G3, Solstice, Torrent, and Vibe.

The Pontiac G8 is perfect for the car lover that is looking for a sports sedan and was a favorite of many car enthusiasts. However, this model is now discontinued and production will not continue on this car. Customers interested in new discontinued models will have to contact the dealerships to obtain one. The G6, another fierce model sedan that offered also a coupe and convertible models has also been taken out of production. So has the affordable and stylish G5 and the versatile G3, which offered many convenient features as well as performance and affordability. Another great and fierce looking Pontiac model is the Solstice, a favorite of young drivers due to its look and high performance attractive design. This model is also being discontinued and production stopped. The Pontiac Torrent was one of the most affordable SUV’s and combined the versatile and utilitarian features of an SUV with a nice and easy to handle ride; this model too will not continue to be produced. The Pontiac Vibe was another favorite of young drivers and representative of a fun model in the Pontiac line. It was versatile and fun to drive and offered many fun features packaged in an attractive model. Fans of the Pontiac Vibe will have to say goodbye as it has also been discontinued, as all of the entire Pontiac line. For owners that have recently obtained a new Pontiac car, the warranty still available and they are covered.

However, GM has reserved one of the best Pontiac models ever to continue production – the new Pontiac Trans Am. The 2011 model has it all, looks, fierce performance, and muscle. Although production on this model was stopped years ago, GM is bringing this model back. The new Trans Am will be a fifth generation and is inspired in the second generation of these muscle cars – the early 70s Trans Am’s. There are some features reminiscent of the early Trans Am but a completely new innovative style wraps the new Pontiac car. This is very apparent in the new front end of these new Pontiac cars. The interior has been adapted to fit the new technology and the expectations of the young drivers. Another variation of the Trans Am is the Bandit model. The Bandit model is fierce as well and will be introduced for 2011. Rumors of a reintroduction of the Pontiac Firebird are on the air. Most likely, these models will be GM models as the Pontiac line of cars have been discontinued, and with it its brand.

For Pontiac lovers, saying goodbye to the line of Pontiac cars may be heartbreaking, however new Pontiac cars that might still be available will be faced out with the entire Pontiac line and there might still be a chance to snatch one of those models. It seems that GM is headed towards the production of historical muscle cars. The rebirth of these models will have the interest of not only the young drivers, but of older generations as well, who reminisced of the muscle cars of their youth. Whether this strategy works or not, it is still to be seen in the near future.

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