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New Port Richey Home - What To Look For In A New Port Richey Home

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Florida has long been a destination of college kids and tourists alike. Billed as “The Sunshine State”, it has also been known for the production and export of citrus fruit – primarily oranges and grapefruit. Citizens in all 50 states have enjoyed the flavor and taste of one of these tasty fruits. The miles of beaches along both coastlines provide a magnetic attraction to visitors of all ages. When combined with the pull of Orlando and its Disney sites, the state has the necessary attractions to make a substantial income off the tourist trade alone.

Since the activation of no state income tax for residents, the population has grown substantially. Many former part time residents are living here full time now in their retirement years. A popular place is the town of New Port Richey. Located about 30 miles Northwest of Tampa-St. Petersburg, this historical town was incorporated in 1924. Far enough away from the bustling metropolis of the big city, but close enough to visit, residents enjoy a quiet, peaceful life in this idyllic setting.

A New Port Richey home is one of the finest values currently found in the Real Estate market. It is far enough to the north not to be significantly affected by the hurricanes that can wreak havoc with property everywhere. But it is also decidedly south of the state line, ensuring that the pleasant weather conditions are available all year around. For persons seeking a place of residence in this small municipality, the best course of action is to locate a realtor who specializes in this area. He/she will know the proverbial “lay of the land”, and what the market price is for the type of home that is being considered. These professionals will also be aware of the types of regulations and fees associated with permanent residences. It is better to know everything ahead of time, especially for a non-resident who is re-locating in the near future.

Right now is actually the best time to buy a New Port Richey home. The market has actually been in decline for about a year now, as the average price of a residence in this area has dropped from $80,000 in August of 2009, to approximately $61,000 in August of 2010. While not great news for the area in general, it is appealing to buyers who can now afford more space for their investment. There are almost 2000 homes for sale at this time, with a median price of $114,900. A foreclosure could be had for around $93,000 on average, as nearly 2000 of them were still being listed in the month of August.

For those persons needing financing for their prospective New Port Richey home, a number of options exist to make that happen. A 15 year fixed mortgage was being offered by many lenders at a rate of 4.074%, the 30 year fixed mortgage was listed at 4.572%, and a 1 year arm at 3.188%. These are just a few of the loan types that could be used to obtain the necessary funding for a buyer’s dream home. Many websites have a free mortgage calculator that can be employed to see if the proposed location is affordable. This is a great way to attract buyers and provide the necessary services to obtain them as clients.
There are many architectural styles available for a New Port Richey home. The traditional Spanish style bungalow is a popular choice, and those with a smaller square footage could be found for less than $60,000 on at least one realtor’s website in the area. Bi-levels and Tri-levels are also readily obtainable for buyers, with pricing based primarily upon square footage, but also on location. Those residences near a body of water carry a premium price tag. Also, having an additional bedroom or bath can also help to elevate the worth of one of these domiciles. For anybody not from the general area, or attempting to relocate, it is a good idea to contact one of the local real estate agents living there. They can help narrow down the list of possibilities that are desirable as a permanent abode.

Research on a New Port Richey home is best started on the World Wide Web. There are a great number of Web pages that list available dwellings that are up for sale. They are constantly kept up to date by the agent responsible for the listings. Prospective buyers can peruse the homes that are on the market and find those of interest to them. It is also a good idea to visit the New Port Richey website and find out more information about the town. There are many sections on the navigation menu that provide a more detailed overview of this great area. By performing this baseline activity first, it is more than likely that the perfect residence will be found at an affordable price.

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