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New River West Virginia - New River Gorge in West Virginia

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The New River Gorge is a large river that passes through West Virginia through three other states. The river starts in North Carolina, and then flows through Virginia, and West Virginia in a three hundred and twenty mile stretch. It contributes to the Kanawha River, which is also a part of the Ohio River in West Virginia. There are over twenty campgrounds and RV Parks in New River West Virginia that are located in Fayatteville near the West Virginia river bridge. People who visit this state will enjoy white river rafting, camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, riding horses, mountain climbing, and touring through the caves with a guide to explain the rich history of the New River Gorge that started over ten million years ago. The New River Gorge is one of the oldest rivers in the entire globe, and it is one of the most popular rivers for base jumping.

The three hundred and twenty mile course for New River West Virginia starts at the geographical point in the North and South Fork in North Carolina. The river then flows through Galax, Virginia, and into the Iron Mountains. The river continues into Pulaski County, Virginia where it is met by the Claytor Dam. The river and Claytor Dam form into what is called Claytor Lake. The river in Claytor Lake then continues into Radford, Virginia, and empties into a strait that reaches Walker Mountain. The river continues to flow through Giles County, and Narrows, Virginia, and then on into West Virginia. New River West Virginia connects to a dam called Bluestone, which then becomes Bluestone Lake which is located in Summers County in West Virginia. The river then connects to another dam called Greenbrier River, which then connects to the New River Gorge in West Virginia.

The New River Gorge National and State Parks have over twenty five miles of hiking trails that connect with other trails throughout the park. Power generators are also helped through the New River Gorge as it passes through the Hawks Nest Tunnel, which was home to one of the worst industrial accidents the world has ever seen. The Union Carbide Corporation decided to produce electricity to one of their steel plants by recreating the water flow of the New River to go under the Gauley Mountain, which is home to the Hawks Nest Tunnel, in order to modify the power generators quality. In the midst of the construction, silica minerals were found, and the employees were told to mine the minerals to use for processing steel through electroprocessing. However, many of the employees were not granted masks or breathing protection, which contributed to the contraction of a lung disease called Silicosis. Controversy surrounded the disaster since any previous inspections that were performed in the tunnels, the supervisors all wore masks. The complete negligence of the Union Carbide Corporation was soon called The Hawks Nest tragedy which cost over one thousand people to lose their lives. Most of the people that died were of African descent who passed away within the first year of the mining expedition. Despite the tragedy at New River West Virginia, the Gorge still remains one of the most visited rivers in the world.

The New River Gorge is home to many national and state parks that run through North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. The parks are Pisgah National Forest, New River State Park in North Carolina, New River Trail State Park in Virginia, Shot Tower Historical State Park also in Virginia, Claytor Lake State Park, Virginia, Jefferson National Forest, Appalachian National Scenic Trail, Bluestone State Park in West Virginia, New River Gorge National River, Babcock State Park in West Virginia, and Hawks Nest State Park, West Virginia. These are all forests, parks, and hiking trails that go along the New River through all three states.

People who fish at the New River Gorge usually visit the Sandstone Falls where they fish during the spring and fall seasons when the fish are most active. There are over one hundred different types of fish in the New River Gorge due to the warm water temperatures.

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