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New Wireless Phones - What are the Best New Wireless Phones on the Market Today?

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In the past decade, few technological devices have received as much of an upgrade as the wireless telephone. It seems that just about ten years ago, everyone had a slight variation of the same standard flip phone, with few differences between them. Fast forward to today, and the flip wireless phone is nearly obsolete, replaced with gadgets that appear to be more computer than phone. What are the top devices in the new wireless phone market?

Research in Motion has been producing the BlackBerry phone for almost 15 years, clearly the veteran manufacturer in the category of phones that can do it all. When introduced, the BlackBerry was primarily only used by high level business personnel who needed to have access to their email on the go. The cost was simply too high for the average consumer, and there was no real competition in the market for new wireless phones that could access internet and email. In the past few years though, Research in Motion has been marketing their business phones as a mobile gadget for all users, business and casual. This has resulted in a significant increase in profit for the Canadian company, and they have been creating several new wireless phones that can access email and run applications. Clearly these new wireless phones are being directed at consumers who want to be on the top of the technological curve.

The new wireless phone generation that has hit consumers in the past few years got its fuel from the introduction of the iPhone. When Apple began production of the iPhone back in 2007, even they could not have possible predicted the way it would be welcomed into the mobile phone market. Ever since, every new wireless phone manufacturer has been trying their hands at innovating the cell phone, trying to beat the iPhone, which sits at the top of the line as the standard in wireless phone technology. The touch screen the iPhone is best known for has made its presence known beyond just the wireless phone market. The computer market has taken a page out of Apple’s book, as many companies now produce touch screen computers called all-in-one desktops. This new wireless phone phenomenon can no doubt be attributed to the innovative design of the iPhone.

The last of the trio of devices leading new wireless phones into the next generation is the Droid from Motorola. Innovative design is only one trait that this device has that sets it aside from the BlackBerry and the iPhone. This powerhouse mobile phone is capable of handling more applications than either of the aforementioned phones, and comes with a larger high definition screen for better media presentation. With a larger screen, comes a larger handset, and the Droid is clearly larger than any of the new wireless phones on the market today. Its slim design keeps it from being too bulky, making it easy to carry in your pocket without much difficulty.

The new wireless phones on the market today are the result of some of the most significant technological advancements in the past decade. With the majority of the market share, the BlackBerry, iPhone and Droid have really led the way for this new wireless phone generation. Who is to say where the mobile phone will be ten years from now, but it is clear that consumers are satisfied with the best in class today.

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