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New York City Lodging - How To Select Lodging Locations In New York City

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Tourism is a major industry in New York City, as tens of millions of tourists visit it every year. Finding the right hotel in New York can make a major difference in the overall experience of visiting this great metropolis. Before rushing to reserve a hotel, guests should understand the locations and geography of New York City.

For air travel, the three major gateways into NYC are John F Kennedy International Airport, La Guardia Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport. The location of the airport might play a role in the selection of a hotel. JFK Airport and LaGuardia are both located in the borough of Queens. Newark Airport is located in the state of New Jersey. LaGuardia mostly serves domestic flights while the other two handle most of the international passengers arriving to the New York City area.

Some guests prefer to stay at hotels right near the airport, and there are plenty of options for such lodging. There are more than a dozen hotels within a few miles of JFK Airport. In fact, these hotels bear the name of the airport. For example, guests can stay at Comfort Inn JFK, Crown Plaza JFK, Howard Johnson Inn JFK, and other familiar hotel chains. These hotels provide basic lodging and accommodations, not anything on the luxurious scale. For less than $200 per night, guests can find comfortable rooms within this area. All of these JFK airport hotels provide shuttle services to and from the airport. The only downside to JFK airport hotels is that they are located about 30 miles away from midtown Manhattan. Nevertheless, nearby Jamaica Station is served by trains along the subway system and Long Island Rail Road, with direct service into Manhattan.

LaGuardia Airport also has several hotels right nearby, which are located along 23rd Avenue and Ditmars Boulevard. Guests can also expect familiar hotel names such as Crown Plaza and Hampton Inn. Although they are affordable, these hotels do not have convenient access to the New York City subway system, nor the Long Island Rail Road. Therefore, getting into Manhattan from LaGuardia may be a bit of nuisance.

Newark Airport has excellent hotels right at the airport grounds. However, this airport is not even located in New York City. Although Newark is New Jersey’s largest city, most visitors have priorities of exploring NYC first, not Newark. If guests choose to lodge near Newark Airport, they will have convenient rail access into Manhattan via NJ Transit trains that run directly to New York Penn Station, which is located about 20 miles away. Some popular hotels at the airport include Marriott, Renaissance, and Hampton Inn. The amenities at the hotels are great, but the views of the airport are not the most appealing.

When talking about the best lodging options in New York City, the focus is entirely placed on Midtown Manhattan. This is the world famous area where the majority of tourists gather. Midtown is a district that is roughly defined as being bound by 30th street to the south and central park to the north. The area is home to popular attractions such as Times Square, Broadway Theatre District, Rockefeller Center, Madison Square Garden, Empire State Building, and much more. Midtown is also home to the Diamond District and upscale shops along 5th Avenue.

Therefore, the biggest selling point of New York City hotels is location. It is not surprising that Midtown Manhattan has the largest concentration of hotels, well over 100. Best of all, all of these hotels are essentially within walking distance from all of the major attractions. There are also multiple subway lines that run through Midtown, such as A, C, E, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and others. These lines also run to other popular areas such as downtown financial district, upper east side, and upper west side.

Great locations and panoramic views of the city’s skyline come with a premier price tag. If you add luxurious amenities and concierge services, then the room rates at Midtown Manhattan hotels go beyond $1,000 per night. Tourists can select from lavish old world charm at the Plaza Hotel near Central Park or modern sophistication in a skyscraper such as Marriott Marquis, in the heart of Times Square.

At the end of the day, tourists must find a balance between price and location when booking hotels in New York City. The focus should be what is around the hotels, rather than getting carried away with the interior amenities and decorations. To get the most affordable rates, tourists should book hotels in advance, during the fall and winter seasons, since they tend to be less busy. There may be major discounts because the hotels are looking to fill up their rooms.

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