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New York City Motels - Cheap New York City Motels Hotels

located continental bathroom breakfast

New York is known as the city that never sleeps. It is live 24/7; it is vibrant and it depicts many sounds and smells. However, NYC can be expensive if you are on vacation, business trip, or short trip, and looking to rest your head to get some much needed Zzzz’s. The city is full of people and events are going on all the time. Finding New York City motels with good and reasonable priced rooms may be a challenge in this busy and popular city. However, whether motels, hotels, or hostels, sometimes affordability is the main concern, as well as having a good night’s rest. Here are some of the most affordable NYC motels and hotels.

Expect to pay around $89 to $329 a night (depending on the season and what is going on) at the Red Roof Inn. You can enjoy a continental breakfast and free Wi-Fi, as well as a private bathroom. This one is located on 6 West 32nd Street.

The New Yorker will offer you small rooms, but the convenience of being located near the Javitts Center and near both subways, on Eighth Avenue. It is clean, although do not expect any luxuries. This place is good for resting your head and catching some needed sleep. Prices here start at $99.

The Marcel offers you clean small rooms, but with a bit more of style. You get your private bathroom, and if you would like room service. This is located on the east side at 201 East 24th street. Expect to pay $124 up depending on the season. This is a good place to stay and you can enjoy movies on demand, and other amenities.

If you have $70+ to spare, and are able to live pass sharing a bathroom with other guests, the Larchmont Hotel might be an economical choice. There are also kitchenettes to be shared and a continental breakfast is part of the deal. This one is located on the West Village.

Looking for a historic place? $80-$140 will get you into the Colonial House Inn. This historical townhouse dates back to the 1850s. Continental breakfast is included and you will have your choice of standard rooms, economy, or deluxe rooms at different prices. However, you will share a bathroom for economy and standard rooms. Some rooms are fitted with a small fridge and others will have a fireplace. Ask before booking. This is located in the neighborhood of Chelsea, at 318 West and 22nd Street.

On the same neighborhood, you can find the Chelsea Savoy which has rooms with private baths and which can accommodate four guests in a room, too. Continental breakfast is included and the rates are between $99-$325 depending on weekdays, weekends, and what is going on in NYC.

These are some of the most affordable New York City motels and hotels worth checking out on your next trip.

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