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New York City Rentals - Vacation Rentals in New York City

new york stay new york habitat vacation home rentals

New York City is a popular destination for both business and leisure travelers. The huge metropolis has many hotels; however, these can be very costly. This is especially true if the traveler is staying in the city for an extended period of time. Most hotels don’t have laundry or kitchen facilities, so the traveler must eat out for every meal, and pay to have laundry or other services done. These kinds of expenses can add up making the trip very costly. One alternative to a hotel is to rent an apartment for the duration of the trip. Many apartments are available for week or even month long rentals. This option can give the traveler the option of having their own kitchen as well as laundry and other services to use at their convenience. Below are some companies that offer New York City rentals along with some of the apartment options they have available.

New York Stay

This company offers a variety of New York City rentals. They feature everything from apartments, hostels, hotels and bed and breakfasts. They also specialize in rentals for extended stays such as month long trips or even longer. New York Stay has an office in New York City and customer service can be reached at 1-646-468-6000. Their web address is http://www.newyorkstay.com. One example of a rental that is available in New York City is a one bedroom apartment located on east 53rd Street. This apartment has one bedroom and one bathroom and rents for $229.00 a night. It’s located near the Museum of Modern Art in midtown Manhattan. This neighborhood has several restaurants and bars as well as grocery and convenience stores.

Another New York City rental that New York Stay has to offer is a 3 bedroom apartment on West 57th street. This address is directly across from Central Park, which is a great place to jog, sight see, or to just unwind. It’s also very close to Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. The apartment has space for eight people and is rented for $395 per night.

New York Habitat

Another company that specializes in New York City rentals is New York Habitat. New York Habitat offers apartments for vacations that are anywhere between one night and one month. They also have apartments available all over New York City and in many different price ranges. Travelers can use their website to scroll through the list of apartments available and find the one that suits their needs. One example of a rental is a one bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village. This apartment is located on the corner of Christopher and Bleeker Street. It has one bedroom with a queen size bed and one bathroom. There is also wireless internet available throughout the apartment. Travelers should be aware, however that this area can be quite loud and boisterous in the nighttime hours due to the local bars in the area. The rate for this apartment is $338 per night for two people. New York Habitat has a very useful website at http://nyhabitat.com. They can also be contacted by phone at 212-225-8018.

Vacation Home Rentals

There are companies that have listings for vacation rentals all over the United States. Many of them include a wide variety of rentals in New York City. One such company is Vacation Home Rentals. They offer rentals all over New York City for travelers staying up to one month in the city. This company allows owners of apartments to list their properties themselves, as opposed to going through a third party. An example of a rental listing is a two bedroom apartment located in Times Square. This apartment is $275 a night and is located on West 41st Street. The building has a 24 hour doorman and an elevator. There is also a laundry facility located in the building. Vacation Home Rentals can be found online at http://vacationhomerentals.com.

Many travelers have discovered that renting an apartment in New York City can be a less expensive option when staying in the city. Rentals in New York City are available in almost all neighborhoods and in almost all price ranges. There are also several companies that specialize in matching a traveler with the right apartment. This arrangement and ensure the traveler has an enjoyable experience in the city and visits again in the future.

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