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New York City Universities - How To Select New York City Universities

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New York City is known as a major center for business, commerce, culture, entertainment, fashion, media, and transportation. Naturally, the city offers some of the best higher education in the United States. The city’s system of higher education reflects the diversity and complexity of the entire NY metropolitan region.

New York is home to more than 100 excellent public and private universities and colleges. No matter what the career path or budget is, the city offers right the type of education for students. The options include numerous undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies.

From world renowned universities to local community colleges, there are educational opportunities for everyone. In fact, New York City universities are not just attended by locals. There are international students from more than 200 countries, reflecting the global status of NYC. Overall, more than half a million students pursue higher education in New York City. The statistics are staggering, and it is tough to summarize on a single page.

The first step to selecting the right university in New York City is to understand the locations and geography of the city. NYC consists of five boroughs known as Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, State Island, and Queens.

The borough of Manhattan is known as the center of the city, because it is home to most of the attractions, landmarks, business presence, and everything else. It is also home to some of the city’s finest universities and colleges. The streets of Manhattan are lined with skyscrapers including NYC’s most famous buildings. Manhattan also has the most advanced transportation network of subway, commute rail, and bus service. On the other hand, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens consist mostly of crowded urban residential neighborhoods. Meanwhile, State Island is suburban in nature. For such reasons, Manhattan is the most popular location for pursuing higher education.

When selecting universities in New York City, the first step is to decide between a public or private school. Private universities are expensive and have strict admissions policies. However, private schools have great reputations for providing high quality education.

The cost of attending university in New York City is a major factor. Resident students, those that live in the state of New York, will get the most affordable tuition rates. For example, tuition at Columbia’s School of Journalism is about $30,000 a year. Meanwhile, tuition at public college such as Hunter can be less than $10,000. Out of state residents may have to pay more than twice as much for tuition. New York state residents will also have better chances of receiving financial aid. Unless they receive scholarships, out of state and international students will feel the financial burden of high tuition in New York City.

Living expenses are also very important factors to consider during the selection process. Living in NYC, especially Manhattan is not cheap at all. Due to the urban setting, some universities may not even offer on site housing, forcing students to rent apartments. However, there are private universities that offer housing and residence halls, such as Columbia (Ivy League), Pace, and NYU. Many students in the New York Metropolitan area choose to commute to Manhattan, and the transportation costs are less than living at the campus.

The admission process to private New York City universities is the toughest. These schools will look at personal essays, high school transcripts, letters of recommendations, and standard test scores such as SAT. Transfer student will need to provide transcripts of their former colleges. Students can apply for universities on online, but it is highly recommended to do in person in such a large city. The admission process will require talking with academic advisors, taking campus tours, and getting familiar with the urban NYC environment.

CUNY, which stands for City University of New York, is the official name of the higher education structure in New York City. This is a public education system that consists of more than 20 institutions including 2 year, 4 year, and professional colleges. CUNY universities are affordable, and that is why more than 240,000 students select attend them. It receives funding by New York state and New York City, so they are the best options for NY residents. Some of the most notable CUNY schools include Baruch, Hunter, and John Jay. CUNY offers every imaginable undergraduate and graduate degree ranging from business and nursing to computer science and language studies.

However, to seek professional studies such as law and medicine, students in New York City need to consider private institutions. For example, Pace University has a strong law program, while Columbia has renowned medical programs at its dental and physician divisions. New York City is also home some of the finest specialized schools in fashion and performing arts, such as Fashion Institute of Technology and Tisch School of the Arts. The French Culinary Institute offers culinary arts programs.

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