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New York Holiday Apartments - How to Get Cheap New York Holiday Rentals

book early compare and contrast consider extending your stay

New York holiday apartments provide comfortable accommodations for travelers, allowing them to feel ‘at home’ while visiting NY for either business or pleasure. In order to find the cheapest holiday apartments available in New York, you would be wise to follow a few simple guidelines. First, begin your booking search as early as possible. Second, compare and contrast rates and negotiate for the best possible deal. Third, consider extended stays in New York in order to reduce your price per evening dramatically.

Whether you are interested in basic and economical accommodations or if you prefer a luxury rental with all of the extras, New York holiday apartments are available at relatively cheap prices if you are wise in your booking search.

Book Early

New York holiday apartments are priced according to the law of supply and demand. Most people procrastinate, booking their holiday apartments approximately three weeks prior to their intended dates of travel. Take advantage of this fact by beginning your search for cheap New York holiday apartments over one month in advance of your trip. Whether you are looking to secure a luxury rental apartment in Manhattan or a furnished basic apartment rental in Queens, you are likely to get much cheaper rates if you plan ahead and book early.

In addition, you may wish to search for New York holiday apartments during off-seasons that are typically cheaper than accommodations in the peak of tourist season. Take your holiday in the off-season and enjoy lower rates on everything from apartment rentals to discount theater tickets. Off-season travel is consistently cheaper than high-volume tourist seasons and you would be wise to take advantage of this insider information by booking your New York holiday apartments accordingly.

Compare and Contrast

Our economy has experienced some major hits in recent times and travelers can use this to their advantage when booking New York holiday apartments. Before you make any reservations, be sure to check out several different rental agencies and apartment rentals in various New York neighborhoods. Once you have a general idea of the going rate for New York rentals, contact your booking agency directly and ask to speak to a customer service representative. Once you are talking to a live agent, attempt to negotiate rental rates that are below the prices posted on the company website.

While such negotiations may be out of your comfort zone, realize that rental agencies are out to make a profit like any other company and they would rather reduce their New York rental rates than forfeit your business to a competitor in a fiercely contested market. Be sure to mention other rental agencies with whom you are in contact to make it clear that you are doing your homework and exploring all of your various options.

Consider Extending Your Stay

New York holiday apartments are available for rent by the day, the week or the month. In general, the longer you stay the less your rate per evening will be, due to the fact that renters are willing to discount their rates in order to guarantee minimized vacancy rates during the course of any given month.

If you are traveling to New York on business, consider consolidating several trips into one, meeting with valuable contacts and attending relevant conferences during a single month. This will not only help you and your employer to save money on rental rates but it will also give you a sense of being a ‘local’ in New York, allowing you to strengthen your client base in NY as well as solidifying your current business relationships amongst co-workers in NY branches.

If your trip to New York is purely pleasure related, extending your trip from a single week to two weeks or even a month will save you a large amount of money. To this end, you may consider asking your employer if you may work remotely during the month of your intended holiday. The internet has revolutionized the way people work and you may very well be able to wake up in your New York holiday apartment and do your daily work assignments from the comfort of your furnished NY living room before setting out for a day of adventure in the city that never sleeps.

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