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New York Holiday Packages - What New York Holiday Packages Include

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New York holiday packages offer an affordable means of taking in all the sights and sounds of the ‘Big Apple’, while at the same time reducing the amount of stress associated with planning your trip and making individual reservations with a variety of companies. In addition to easing the trip-planning process, New York holiday packages can save you a great deal of money by tapping into the retail synergy that exists in the travel industry.

Whether you are interested in taking in the Statue of Liberty, dining in a posh fusion restaurant or enjoying a show on Broadway, New York vacation packages exist that include everything you need to enjoy a pleasant vacation in this East Coast metropolis.

What New York Holiday Packages Include

A New York holiday package deal allows you select, reserve and pay for your hotel, car rental, food and outings in one fell swoop, bundling everything you need to enjoy a holiday in New York into one, reduced rate travel package. Travel packages exist to accommodate individuals operating under virtually any budget, ensuring that whether you are interested in a basic package or a luxury extravaganza, you can find exactly the right New York holiday package to suit your needs.


High-end hotels such as the Waldorf Astoria in New York City often make rooms available at reduced rates to individuals that are willing to make reservations as part of a larger vacation package. This is because travel agencies and online travel hubs such as Priceline and other budget sites help these hotels to boost their sales through networking with other retailers in the travel industry. Hotels tend to have unforeseen cancellations and slow booking periods that can dramatically affect their year-end bottom line if they do not act fact to fill their unexpected vacancies. If these hotels network with other travel retailers, they can ensure themselves a profit, though they have to come down a bit on their individual room rates to do so. This fiscal compromise is to your advantage when booking New York holiday packages, as you can get terrific deals on fabulous luxury hotels that may otherwise fall outside your travel budget.


Plane tickets represent the greatest expense in virtually every travel endeavor and therefore it is the place you are most likely to experience dramatic savings while booking New York holiday packages. Taking advantage of seasonal lows and cancellations, travel industries contract with different air carriers to purchase seats on flights at a discounted price. The savings to your travel retailer are passed on to you in the form of a lower overall holiday package to New York.

The more flexible you can be with your travel dates, the better, as air carrier supply and demand does not revolve around your intended vacation. Expanding your possible flight dates three days in either direction can literally save you hundreds of dollars on your overall New York holiday package.

Rental Car

Drive around New York in style by including a rental car in your holiday vacation package. Take advantage of the reduced rates that accompany bundle travel deals by upgrading your car to a luxury model such as a Lexus or a sports car. If you are traveling on a budget, the best car to include in your vacation package is a compact vehicle, as these are generally the most economical cars on the lot.


New York is home to a large number of on and off Broadway shows that you should not miss seeing while in town. New York holiday packages can be created that include popular shows such as Jersey Boys, South Pacific and Wicked at ticket prices that are far below current market value. In addition, famous New York music venues such as the New York Philharmonic and Radio City Music Hall regularly work with travel agencies to include their tickets as part of your overall package deal.

New York holiday packages help you to set and maintain a budget, even while enjoying red carpet treatment in the Big Apple. Simply create a package that is within your means, including your flight, hotel, car rental, food and any additional shows or events you wish to attend. Once booked, all that will be left to do is pack.

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