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New York Theaters - The Best New York Theaters

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New York has been known for years for its theater productions. From small, off-Broadway shows to wildly successful musicals, this city has it all. These theatres produce plays that star world-famous actors as well as up-and-coming actors. A number of theaters have continued to be successful throughout time for their quality productions play-goers love.

The prestigious Lincoln Center Theater produces plays and musicals all throughout the year. It is the biggest non-profit theatre in the United States, providing all manner of people access to the finest quality of arts on stage. This theater works hard to make sure its productions can be enjoyed by all, as it tries to keep ticket prices as low as possible. In addition, it hands out thousands of play tickets for free every year. It also offers performances for those with hearing impairments. Some theater houses the Lincoln Center manages include the Vivian Beaumont Theater, Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater and Claire Tow Theater. Plays such as “The Coast of Utopia,” “King Lear” and “It Ain’t Nothin’ but the Blues” have been put on by the Lincoln Center.

The Astor Place Theater is a popular off-Broadway theater, located in Colonnade Row. The historical building was erected in the 1800’s, using Greek Revival style, which displays marble columns in front. Many new playwrights have put their work on display in this, one of the most experimental New York theatres. Writers such as John Ford Noonan and A.R. Gurney premiered plays at this off-Broadway location. Recently, the famous Blue Man Group has had a successful run of shows at The Astor Place Theater for the last 19 years.

A New York theater that has been in existence for close to a century is the Ambassador Theater. Built in 1921 by the Shubert Organization, this theater house was originally part of an expansion after World War I. Its unique hexagon-shaped auditorium was the result of its being diagonally placed on a small plot of land. Plays and musicals such as “The Lion in Winter” and “Chicago” have been produced at the Ambassador Theater. Some actors who have appeared on this theater’s stage include Christopher Walken and Nell Carter.

One of the newest New York theaters is the Marquis Theater. Located in the Marriott Marquis Hotel, it opened its doors in 1986 as part of The Nederlander Organization’s nine theaters. The intimate space was designed for optimum audience comfort, including high-quality acoustics, spacious aisles and comfortable seats. Some plays that have been showcased in this theatre include “Peter Pan” and “Victor/Victoria.” One of the perks of the Marquis is the option of dining at one of the hotel’s restaurants before or after the show, as well as a fine choice of drinks from a series of bars in the theater.

Each of these theatres can be found online, where they display a listing of past, current and up-coming plays. Tickets are available to purchase via the sites, as well as by phone. Why visit anywhere else in the world to experience the magic of live plays and musicals? New York theaters are waiting to please audiences of all ages with their continuing quality work within their beautiful theater houses.

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