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Newport News Lodging - How to search for lodging in Newport News

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The key to finding the best Newport News lodging is knowing where to look. There are many companies, web sites, and multiple services dedicated to helping you find the right lodging in Newport News for you and your family. Business travelers, as well as those planning their next vacation, have multiple options to choose from to assist in their search for finding the best prices on Newport News lodging.

Newport News is a city located in the south eastern part of Virginia. The city is located on the peninsula side of Hampton Roads, bordering on the Atlantic ocean. Newport News is part of a larger metropolitan are made up of Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and other similar sized cities. Newport News is probably known best for its ship building. Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company is one of the largest shipyards in the world. Newport News is home to some of the largest shipyards for the United States military in the country.

Newport News has strong ties to the United States military and its history. The area has multiple military facilities including Langley Airforce Base, Fort Eustis, Fort Monroe, Fort Story, Norfolk Naval Station, along with multiple other bases in the region. With its strong ties to the military, Newport News is also home to many military museums including The Hampton Roads Naval Museum, The MacArthur Memorial, The Mariner’s Museum, The US Army Transportation Museum, and The Virginia Air and Space Center.

If you are planning your next visit to Newport News then you have many options to help you find the perfect Newport News lodging. Newport News Tourism Development Office has a web site dedicated to activities, history, and accommodations in the area. “Trip Advisor” is an online web site that has a section showing multiple options for lodging in Newport News. The site is unique in the sense that it collects user reviews of the lodging in Newport News which can help you get a sense of the property and what others thought of their stay. “Discover Our Town” is another web site with multiple options for lodging in Newport News.

There are multiple hotel options in Newport News but there are additional alternatives, like rental properties and bed and breakfasts, that could also meet your needs. Bed and Breakfast (bedandbreakfast.com) has multiple listings in Newport News that may be what you are looking for and provide an alternative to the standard hotel stay. A bed and breakfast or a rental property may be the best way to experience the region and to get the true flavor of Newport News.

If you are planning your next business trip and looking for low cost lodging or whether you are planning your next vacation and money is no option, you can easily find what you need in Newport News lodging. Newport News has much to offer and finding the right lodging can make your stay that much more enjoyable.

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