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Newsletter Email Software - How Newsletter Email Software Can Help Any Marketing Campaign

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An email newsletter is the perfect way to keep in contact with customers and make contact with potential customers. It is cheaper than mass print traditional snail mail newsletters. It can show that you are concerned about the environmental waste of paper products. Since over half of internet users check and send emails on a daily basis, it is a cheap method of directly reaching a wide audience. Most importantly, newsletter email software makes the endeavor easier than ever.

An entity creates an email as part of a marketing strategy, sales promotion, free giveaway, product update, charity, etc.. This email can be set up to arrive on a semi-regular basis. It is always best to use opt-in e-mail newsletters. In other words, the recipient has consented to receive it. This will help prevent fake sign-ups and people that really are not interested in the newsletter from receiving it. It also saves a lot of time to have an opt-out feature so that recipients do not have to call or email that they want to stop receiving the newsletter. In 2006, it was estimated that just the firms in the U.S. spent upwards of $400 million on email marketing. Money like that is rarely spent on marketing methods that don’t work!

Newsletter email software is an easy way to get started. Even those that are not tech savvy can easily use the software. There are a lot of software options, but they all have the same basic function- automate list management and make it simpler to administer. Some of the common features might include:

Creating HTML Web Forms sign-up pages and opt-in’s that can universally be used on any website.
Storage of demographic fields for personalizing email newsletters.
Stat tracking of how many people open and click on each link contained in the newsletter for effectiveness management.
Ability to directly create HTML newsletters or newsletters from a template.
An auto response feature whereby the recipients are automatically moved from one list to another as certain triggers occur- opening a newsletter, subscribing, opting out, etc..
Features such as scheduling recurring campaigns, forward to friends, etc..

All of the above features and functions of newsletter email software are not only useful tools to help you deliver your newsletter with a personalized, relevant, dynamic message, they also help you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

There is one disadvantage to newsletter email software- SPAM laws. You want to make sure that whatever software is used…it has a zero tolerance toward spam.

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