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Nextel Cell Phone Accessories - What Nextel Cell Phone Accessories are Available for Your Phone?

sprint screen accessory purchased

Nextel was purchased by Sprint in 2005, which made the company name Sprint/Nextel. However, just because the company was purchased, does not mean that Nextel stopped making their cell phones. A Nextel cell phone is still one of the hottest phones on the market; they now have a Sprint calling plan in addition to other Sprint features instead. Nextel cell phone accessories are still made and now more than ever.

Nextel is famous for their two-way radio features, otherwise known as Push-to-talk. This feature adds an extra button on the side of the phone in addition to adding an extra speaker as well. This means that any of the Nextel Cell phone accessories such as cases and screen protectors must come with added protection made just for using these buttons and speakers, which is what makes Nextel cases so unique and accessory.

T=One of the newest Nextel cell phones is the i1, made by Motorola for Sprint/Nextel and it is a unique Nextel cell phone because not only does it have the PTT feature, but it is also the only phone to have both the PTT feature plus a touchscreen. This makes purchasing Nextel cell phone accessories for the i1 a necessary task. Because touchscreens are prone to fingerprints and scratches, the first accessory to purchase for the Motorola Sprint Nextel i1 is a screen protector.

This Nextel cell phone accessory will keep smudges and fingerprints away from the screen while keeping it scratch proof as well. The InvisibleSHIELD by Zagg screen protector is a good choice for this job. It is made from military grade plastics and guarantees that nothing will harm the i1’s screen while still allowing the touch sensitivity needed to use the phone effectively. Additionally available for this model Nextel cell phone by InvisibleSHIELD is a full body cover that completely covers both the front and the back of the phone.

Another excellent choice when looking for Nextel cell phone accessories are the cases. Cases come in many different styles and colors including basic “jelly cases,” which are a soft silicone sheath made to fit the phone like a glove; leather pouches, which completely engulf the phone; horizontal pouches which allow the phone to slide in and out and many others. The cases can completely cover the phone or it can allow the user to access the main features, depending on the case purchased.

Some of the cases have holes cut out for the speakers, yet others are sensitive enough to allow for touchscreen usage. However, with a jelly case and a screen protector, it would be all the protection needed for a touchscreen phone, allowing for maximum functionality combined with maximum protection.

If a Nextel phone offers Bluetooth service, another great choice in Nextel cell phone accessories is a Bluetooth headset. Some headsets come in styles that fit behind the ear, yet others fit within the ear so they are note easily seen. They are all easy to install and configure, allowing maximum phone usage while being easy to manage while driving or walking. Additionally, using a Bluetooth headset keeps the phone hands free so not laws are broken while talking on the phone. Some Bluetooth headsets are compatible with voice to text and vice versa, making them great for using text messages while driving because the user never needs to touch the phone.

Nextel cell phone accessories come in many shapes and sizes. The accessory purchased depends mostly on what the user will do with the phone. Additionally, what kind of Nextel cell phone the user has and what accessories are available to go with the phone are also factors that play in the role o purchasing Nextel cell phone accessories. Just keep in mind that just because an accessory is available for one cell phone, does not mean it is available for all.

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