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Nikon Camera Battery - Tips for conserving your Nikon camera batteries

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Nikon is one of the leading manufacturers of digital cameras for both professional photographers and amateur hobbyists in the United States, and many of those photographers rely on Nikon camera batteries to keep their cameras going day after day. However, although batteries today are far better than they were a decade or even a few years ago, they are still fragile and expensive pieces of technology, and it is worth doing what you can to preserve them so you can take more pictures with them before you have to replace them. This guide will provide you with some information and tips for conserving your Nikon camera batteries.

Perhaps the most important tip to keep in mind if you are looking to prolong the lives of your Nikon camera batteries is to shoot more sparingly. This may seem like an incredibly simple idea that should be intuitive to all but the most novice digital photographers, but it is a commonly forgotten tip among people honestly looking to get more battery life out of their cameras. It makes sense that the more pictures you take, the more energy you will drain from the battery when it supplies the camera with the energy it needs to take and store those pictures. Digital cameras have enabled people to take more pictures than ever before, and there is an understandable sense of freedom that comes with the knowledge that film is effectively free when you are shooting with a digital camera instead of with a film one. However, with that freedom comes responsibility, and if you wish to keep your Nikon camera batteries from dying premature deaths inside your cameras, you will have to learn to become more judicious with your photographs when you are out in the field. Simply taking a moment to think over a shot and decide whether or not it is a shot you want or need to take can result in your having to recharge your batteries significantly less often, which in the long run will lead to you not having to replace them nearly as often. A related tip in this area is to avoid taking pictures with the flash if you can help it, as the energy required to activate the flash takes a significant toll on the camera’s battery whenever it is used.

Another important tip to keep in mind if you are looking to prolong the lives of your Nikon camera batteries is to use the small electronic viewfinder on your Nikon camera instead of the large rear facing LCD display to view your pictures and frame your shots. If you think of your camera as a computer, it makes sense that when you have a large, bright screen activated on the back of the camera, it will drain more energy than when you have a relatively tiny and dim screen activated in the viewfinder of the camera. There are many reasons to use the rear facing LCD display, such as when reviewing pictures or showing friends and family the awesome shots you just captured with your camera. However, if you can wait until you are back home and in front of your computer or television before you show off your pictures, you may be able to take significantly more of those stunning pictures before your camera battery tells you that you are done for the day. In most Nikon digital cameras, you can use the electronic viewfinder to review pictures and frame pictures and access menu settings just as fluidly as you can with the rear facing viewfinder, but with a substantially lower energy debt to the battery.

A third important tip to keep in mind if you are looking to prolong the lives of your Nikon camera batteries is to make sure you fully use and drain the charge on your batteries before you recharge them. Rechargeable batteries generally work best when you complete full draining and charging cycles on them, and it is difficult to complete a full cycle if you are always charging your battery once it is a third to half of the way used. Try to fully drain the battery before charging it and you will prolong its useful life.

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